PostFinance helps user to quickly open a personal account in only 10 minutes and start transfer right after without the need of going to a branch.


getCalendar is an easy-to-use tool to help you schedule your events with colleagues by showing both your calendar and your colleague’s at the same time.


Work now on your business processes even when offline! Axon.ivy App boosts the way users work within a business process and offers numerous possibilities.


Sojo helps to connect you with new places and people. It recommends places you might like to visit nearby. You’ll also discover like-minded people and learn about their recommendations.

Vierwaldstättersee Karte

Unterwegs auf dem schönsten See der Schweiz. Die App bringt den Vierwaldstättersee für Wassersportler und Seetouristen aufs Tablet und Smartphone. Online und offline nutzbar.


Designed for Scrum practitioners who’re looking for an easy and convenient daily team meeting assistant. Scrool provides specific tools for various use of different roles throughout the Scrum process.


Spark introduces a new interesting way to connect and make friends with others. Every time you walk pass a Spark user, you get notification and the chance to start a conversation with the other if you are both interested.

Find me for Pebble

Let your friend find you in the easiest way with "Find Me". Just by a few simple clicks on Pebble, you can now send your current location via SMS to pre-selected contacts. It's fast, convenient and effortlessly helpful.


ZingPoll is a poll maker and voting application which is simple & reliable for personal or working purposes. Discover core values of the app: Simple - Accessible - Illustrative - Private - Exportable - Shareable.


Keep your friends close with Popsicle. The app notifies you whenever your friends are nearby and helps you track the time you spend with them. You can easily find out who are your closest friends now.


Explore tips from around the world and be the first to discover the next big thing on Kudos! You can now share and get tips from others for absolutely anything: favorite TV shows, movies, bands, apps, games, etc.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate is an excitingly new way to share the emotion behind every photo you take with your iPhone by measuring and attaching the heart rate generated by your Apple watch to Facebook photo sharing.


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