As many industries have transitioned to success-based customer relationships, customer experience is taking center stage as organizations manage their customers throughout the revenue cycle. Accelerating customer success takes an omnichannel approach that needs to support customer interactions with company products and services not just through the buying cycle, but also through the product or service adoption cycle and again through many years of expansions.

To win over these empowered customers, customer-centric applications need to deliver state-of-the art usability and functionality across channels and actively participate in the customer experience throughout the journey.

A customer-centric approach based on understanding the customers needs and wants throughout their journey is no longer a concept or a trend, but a critical success factor for most app development projects. In the digital landscape, customer engagement through omnichannel apps on web, mobile, social and traditional channels is now critical to success and longevity. Customers first interact with your company and products through these channels and their impression and experience, based on their own perspective, will drive your success to gain them as customers and become a valuable partner.


What could possibly go wrong?

A common issue of many outsourcing project is the friction between different stakeholders involved in the software development cycle: developers thinks in terms of code, business sponsors think in term of financial impact and interface designers think in term of customer experience.

Often the most important stakeholder of the project, the end-user, is forgotten. Many IT outsourcing providers assume that “the customer” is the other party of the contract so they end up developing an application that does not keep the actual end-user in mind. An application cannot be considered successful if it does not meet the end user’ needs and meet adoption criteria and the positive impact of product usages.


strength   Our strengths

We did not become market lead in offshore IT service by chance. We have developed broad knowledge and hands-on experience. We have built our skillsets and best practices to successfully design and develop customer-centric applications with excellent user experience.

Find out why we are the outsourcing partner you have been looking for.


Customers first

Development teams start new projects by gathering essential insights from clients about their customer personas, customer needs and expectations, and the customer journey. It is essential to understand how the software produced will fit into the customer experience. This initial approach helps build the foundation of the development project. Our experienced developers understand that usability and user experience is far more than the functionality of the software or a great user interface. We work on every component of the app to ensure a high-quality user experience in all aspects of the software: navigation, functionality, control, language, help and support, feedback, consistency, software quality and visual clarity.


Quick response to changes in customer journey

Change, as we all know, is an inevitable and often painful aspect of application development project. We thrive to be flexible. We continuously review factors like scope, requirements, design and end user feedback. Our Agile methodology makes it is easier to incorporate changes, allowing you to make rapid adjustments to the app and the release cycles. Agile employs short iterative cycles at the end of which a product will be delivered with improvements. [More about Agile]


Capability to develop apps on multiple platforms using different languages

Countless types of device are in use by your customers and it is important that they are able to access your application anywhere they go with any handheld they use. Our experienced developers can help you develop an app for the varied operating systems - iOS, Android, Window Phone, etc. to ensure your app can reach as many customers as possible. We have expertise in developing:

  • Responsive web apps
  • Hybrid mobile apps
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Interactive Interfaces

Check out our outsourcing applications.


Dedicated usability testing

Extensive usability testing is a must before launching new apps and new releases. Our Offshore Testing Center (OTC) service gives you access to dedicated testing teams trained on professional testing tools. Testing teams can either work together with the development team or be independent, performing various test on your applicationss:

  • GUI
  • Crossing browser, crossing platform
  • Responsive

These tests are conducted in various methods:

  • Visual, natural testing on system in Vietnam and Switzerland
  • Automated UI testing
  • Cross version comparison and performance testing


More about our outsourcing services:

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Offshore Testing Center (OTC)


skill   Our Skills

Front-end: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver

Mobile Apps: Objective-C, iOS, Android, Window, Windows Phone, Responsive Web Apps

Back-end: Node.js, Eclipse, NetBeans, Windows, Linux, Java, PHP, Groovy, JBoss, GlassFish, Apache, Geronimo, Tomcat, IIS, Azure, Sharepoint, SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, C#, .NET, VB

Software Testing: Selenium, JMeter, TestNG, JUnit, Mockito, TestFlight, SDK, Sauce Labs, Arquilian, Mantis, TestLink...

More Expertise

testimonial-avatarMr. Armand SavoyResponsible Offshore InvestmentT2i Group
We started engaging Axon Active in 2011: we were in need of a development team with strong skillsets and experience to build various components for a customized Business Process Management (BPM) system. We chose Axon Active for their rich experience, global approach and familiarity with international standards.

We now have 2 dedicated offshore development teams with a total of 14 developers. They are capable of working across multiple platforms, technologies and tools. The teams have successfully implemented several projects and we are completely satisfied with the performance and outcomes. The teams have produced excellent BPM-based applications which can be modified and integrated for customers across industries.

At the start of our collaboration we were not sure if Axon Active could efficiently fulfill our vision and objectives, while focusing on delivery of viable solutions. Fortunately, Axon Active’s deep experience with the agile methodology allows development teams to deeply engage with their customers, and increase the business outcomes for the project.

We are very satisfied with the professional working environment and state-of-the-art facilities in Vietnam. I am looking forward to many more years of strong partnership with Axon Active and have no hesitation to recommend them to our partners.
testimonial-avatarMr. Memmo TamburrinoHead of Offshore DevelopmentBase-Net Informatik AG
Working with Axon Active was our first experience leveraging offshore software development. We started working with Axon Active in March 2015 with a small team of four developers. The experience and attention from Axon Active Vietnam shortened the learning process for our team, and we were quickly able to establish a tight, collaborative partnership between our organizations. We are impressed with Axon Active’s commitment to our success, and how fast the team learned to use, update and enhance our software application.

This early success convinced us to gradually grow the offshore development team, not only by increasing the number of team members, but also by handing over more responsibilities to individual team members. Axon Active’s know-how, professionalism and experience allow us to develop even more sophisticated software and drive satisfaction and success for our customers.

We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Axon Active because not only do they keep delivering on our requirements, but the quality of their work is very high. Because of the solid skillsets and experience of the Axon Active team, we now get very good feedback and suggestions on how to improve our applications architecture, features and user experience.

Our joint success is largely based on the expertise of Axon Active’s architects, developers and testers, their focus on customer success, and their extensive use of agile methodologies. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Axon Active to continue the development of our application.
testimonial-avatarMr. Christoph EilersFounder and CEOOizoioi
We started our partnership with Axon Active in 2014. We were looking for a dedicated Agile Team to take responsibility for our software development process. With Axon Active Vietnam we found a very trustworthy partner.

We have a cross-functional team at Axon Active, with a German product owner. The team is extremely motivated and always delivers high quality results. With every issue Axon Active fully collaborates with us to solve it, including personal help from Axon’s Branch Manager if necessary.

We visited the Axon Active offices several time and were pleased with the working standards. Working procedures and environment are equal to any software development company in Europe or the US or better. In general I can testify that the company motto "We do what we say, we say what we do” is totally justified.

In the future we plan to grow our partnership with Axon Active. Axon allows us to stay agile in the development process and their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. We are extremely happy with our partnership and definitely recommend Axon Active Vietnam for Agile Software development to all interested parties.
testimonial-avatarMr. Pascal PuntenerBusiness AnalystCRIF AG
It is a great pleasure for me to certify that CRIF AG began collaboration with OTC Axon Active Vietnam in 2010. It should be mentioned that our company is much satisfied with high-quality work of Axon Active QC specialists. Needless to say that we consider the Axon Active Vietnam company is one of our most reliable partners.

We have hired test engineers from Axon Active Vietnam to perform such types of testing on our main products:
  • Functional end to end testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Usability testing
  • Web-application testing
We are very pleased with the quality of the end-product. The testers of Axon Active Vietnam have clear understanding of testing process and they are able to put their knowledge and professionalism into the projects assigned to them.

We are indeed quite happy on the good work carried out by the entire team of Axon Active Vietnam. We have no hesitation in recommending Axon Active Vietnam to anyone who needs a really effective software testing service
testimonial-avatarMr. Patrick MeierCIOCRIF AG
Our long time collaboration with Axon Active Vietnam is a great success story. We started in 2009 and increased the teams step by step.

Our development teams implement and maintain all our main products. Additionally, we setup a testing team which covers the product and business testing. Over this period we implemented new software, changed old software and we were able to increase the software quality overall.

Today our Axon Active teams have a good business understanding and are part of the project from the beginning until the end. The testing team helps us to provide the expected high level quality.

In terms of security we found a stable and conscientious partnership with Axon Active Vietnam who takes care on this very important area. We are very happy with the close collaboration with Axon Active Vietnam and can definitely recommend them to anyone.
testimonial-avatarMr. Daniel GauchHead of Development, Vice PresidentSoreco AG
We started our partnership with Axon Active Vietnam beginning in 2010. We began using Agile methodologies in our Swiss development teams in 2009 and we were looking for a partner to support us in applying the same concepts in offshore development teams. We found this agile partnership with Axon Active Vietnam, and started with 1 scrum development team which grew quickly to 8 teams.

Our teams are cross functional development teams with a Swiss product owner. These teams work in various areas:
  • Develop new products based on our Business Process Management (BPM) suite and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE)
  • Maintain and extend existing products (BPM and/or Java)
  • Develop customer specific solutions (customer projects)
We are very happy with the commitment of the teams to deliver high quality results that make our customers happy. Of course, this would not be possible without the excellent support of Axon Active Vietnam providing us powerful, motivated and dedicated teams. We definitely recommend Axon Active Vietnam as an ideal partner for software development with Agile dedicated teams.

Offshore Teams



We do what we say, we say what we do