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Hire your dedicated Development Team

Make your business agile with our professional, scalable development teams 


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Dedicated teams

Why Axon Active?

With the Axon Model™, you turn the black box of working capacity into individual talents that you know. 


Unblock your business agility

Dedicated Software Development

You can work directly with every expert in your team to cover the whole software cycle, from design to developing, testing, and accompanying your product system.

ICT and DevOps Service
for Cloud Computing

Security and IT Specialists are needed everywhere, and our experts will help you with the operation, maintenance, and support of your cloud infrastructure. This is complete with minimum investment and maximum availability and security.

Project Management and
Consulting service

We support you by offering an optimal solution to lead your ideas to success: agile planning, analysis, strategy, and implementation - all based on your individual needs.

Coaching and
Training service

Our trainers and coaches with proven practical international experience will help you become Agile and increase quality and business value to succeed with Scrum or other agile and scaled frameworks and methods. This is, of course, based on your individual needs.

Axon Model


Why choose us?

Axon Model™

Our Agile approach based on Scrum with direct communication with your stable team will help to reduce the friction cost in development. This gives you the ownership of your idea and gets the right things effectively and efficiently developed...

Full product lifecycle development from A-Z

With our experts and experience, we can work with you during every software development step—from the idea, and design to production, from mobile, web, or desktop applications. This helps to cover the whole product lifecycle and ongoing evolution. 

Our experience in the market

As an excellent and recognized employer in Switzerland and Vietnam, and thanks to long-term collaboration with universities, we have rapid access to the market to provide the best experts for your needs, your offshore team, and in our ICT outsourcing service.

Our values and philosophy

"We do what we say,

              We say what we do."

  • We see RELIABILITY as a foundation for all successful relation 

  • With TRANSPARENCY, we build trust and work together efficiently 

  • HONESTY help us form a long-term relationship 

  • With PASSION, we can raise the quality and make us happy 

Axon Active Testimonial Background
Ms. Jennifer Tremp


Ms. Jennifer Tremp

Product Owner

"Thanks to the collaboration with Axon Active, we are able to develop our projects in the Fintech industry successfully, an industry that bears a lot of potentials and is growing fast."


Customers that trust us