[Scrum Breakfast DN] Zero to Hero in Agile Automation Testing (December 2019)

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Agile approaches are used to build high-quality software products while reducing the risk associated with long time-to-market.

To make sure that each time a product increment is shipped with highest possible quality, automation testing is essential and even a must-have.

However, it could be challenging for those who are new in technology and for the ones working in manual testing.

In this workshop, we would like to share with you about how we apply Agile Automation Testing in our current project and also guide you to start an automation test project easy and painlessly step by step, so that at the end you are confident to write a test by yourself.

Come and enjoy a useful Saturday morning with us:

What’s special about this December event?

  • How to apply Agile Automation Testing in project.
  • How to start an automation test project easily.