Axon Active breaks through in new emerging software development market

Axon Active has always been on the lookout for new emerging software development markets with great growth potential and vibrant talent pools. As a result, on 17 June 2019, the corporation opens the first offshore software development center in Yangon, Myanmar.

The first to set foot in Myanmar’s offshore software development industry, Axon Active enjoys establishing its early reputation in the new thriving market. Not only have recent legal changes and liberalization become increasingly favorable and rewarding for foreign investment. The state of ICT infrastructure is also promising for the establishment of the new facility. In fact, Burmese youngsters are having a fast-growing interest in IT. The local government also responds tactfully to the growing educational needs in IT and IT-related fields. All of these conditions have given us a boost in attracting great local software development talents from day one.

Having an operation center in Myanmar’s Yangon is a step forward. In other words, it leverages Axon Active’s and its customers’ agility to a next level.

Let’s take a look at the new Myanmar branch!

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