A look back at Certified ScrumMaster Course – May 2018

Two weeks ago, the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course organized by Axon Active finished after 3 full days of useful knowledge sharing and practice. This is the 2nd time Axon Active co-organizes with Scrum Alliance to bring CSM training to Vietnam. The class, with the participation of 24 IT professionals from companies around Vietnam, is co-hosted by Peter Stevens, certified Scrum Trainer from Scrum Alliance, and Sebastian Sussmann, CIO of Axon Active Vietnam.


Peter and Sebastian presented a variety of ideas to boost up team performance as a Scrum Master


Throughout the training, participants had a chance to understand the idea of collaboration and teamwork in Scrum process. By grouping several participants who just met the others for the first time into group, the trainers created real-life cases where teamwork is essential and let the participants experience possible failure, before explaining the importance of Scrum framework.


Many teamwork exercises to help participants improve communication and problem-solving skill in Scrum practice


Highlights of the course included the professional background and communication among participants.  The learners, from project manager to software architecture and tester, came in one place and enjoyed plenty of chance to network, learn, and apply new knowledge through highly iterative discussions and multi-rater feedback from each other and trainers.


At the end of the course, they were satisfied with the memorable experience of team working with other experts and usable knowledge to apply in the future. Ms. Thu, Scrum Master, cited that she had learned a lot of practical lessons and tips she never thought of before and was ready to apply them to her team.


Ms. Thu, Scrum Master at Axon Active, shared her feelings on the knowledge she obtained in the course.


A participant was sharing his enjoyable experience after attending the course.


All attendees were happy after the three-day intense course


Axon Active is excited to offer new CSM training courses in August 2018. To stay up-to-date on our future course offerings, please email or subscribe to the Axon Active newsletters. We look forward to passing more learning opportunities to you soon!