A closer look at HCMC Developer Day 2018 – Blockchain

November 06, 2018 – Our Developer Day 2018, an exclusive event for our members in HCMC Branch, was held in the luxurious Gala Center. This year, we brought our biggest tech event in Ho Chi Minh City a new look with a broad spectrum of topics on Blockchain and a new format focusing on sharing and creativity.

Since 2012, Developer Day has been a playground for our developers to access most-advanced technology. Gather in one place and all our executives, leaders and engineer will discuss the past, present and future of software development. They learn, laugh and come back for more with new ideas and inspiration.

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Developer Day is annual playground for our developers to refresh with most-advanced tech trends

The event started with an opening session from Markus Baur, Axon Active Vietnam’s CEO. He kicked off the stage with “we will rock you” theme and later addressed the potential and rising future demand of Blockchain.

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Markus Baur, CEO of Axon Active Vietnam, addressed the potentials and future demand of Blockchain to start the Developer Day

After the keynote and guideline from speakers, the practice in creating a real Blockchain application began. Each development team was assigned to a specific project within crowdfunding, patient history, supply chain and insurance. The sections took long, but our engineers were interactive and enthusiastic to find out best solutions all the time. Let’s take a look at following pictures and feel the atmostphere of our day

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Keynote and guideline were delivered to participants and helped them understand more how to practice Blockchain

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Our people give frequent feedback exchange and coordinate to find out best solutions in our HCMC Developer Day
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Effective teamwork and communication are the most values we praise them at our Developer Day

Till mid-afternoon, the 4 teams with most outstanding ideas were chosen to start the demonstration. It was so excited to see each team’s performances which presented very creative but simple and easy to use products. Moreover, we could look how strong their teamwork was, all members supported each other all the time during presentation, Q&A or their ways to build application.

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Demo of a Blockchain application built in one day by an engineer team at Axon Active Vietnam


Developer Day ended short after but it always was a great way for us to share best practices, strengthen working relationship. We couldn’t be happier with the way our Developer Day turned out by having many wishes and hope from our engineers for next event.

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