Scrool App – Scrum Tool

We are happy to announce SCROOL!

SCROOL is a Scrum Tool Set and

NOW available for iOS and Android.

This ‘Swiss Scrum pocketknife’ provides some small agile tool sets and will support our daily agile life.

We developed this app based on our daily experience in Agile Software development.

Time Box is an important part in Agile to get success and use time efficiently. Actually there are a lot of time keeper available but not optimized for our need, because we don’t want to cook eggs, we want to produce efficient software.

In order to make sure everyone follows Time Box, there is Cash-Clock. Cash-Clock is a tool built on “Time is Money” idea. It calculates and converts lateness and extension into financial figures i.e. money. This conversion helps the Team visualize the cost of Time Box violations, and understand the importance of timeliness.

Scrool App - Scrum ToolWith our tool set we can use our timer in different moods also just silent as reminder, repeat endless or even just show what a penalty would cost…

Planning Poker mobile

In Scrum, the scrum team takes the responsibility and the team members have to make a lot of decisions in a short time.

SCROOL, support local – and connect distributed teams for their decisions. Based on two card sets, the team can play planning poker or make decisions about risk or size…

Success slider let keep the team informed.

Often the team want to know some status about the project success to get a better background understanding. SCROOL can inform the team about that in just 6 seconds with the project slider option and can keep the team up to date with just one email.

Let’s try and share, find out how it works. Feedback and ideas about new functionalities are warmly welcome!

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone and Android Tablet.

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