Scrum Breakfast – Meet Scrum experts in HCMC

Scrum Breakfast is a gathering event for Scrum practitioners and tech industry employees who are interested in learning more about Scrum. Started in 2012 from the idea of an open community for Scrum practitioners in Ho Chi Minh City, Scrum breakfast has acquired frequent attendees and made it to its second location, Da Nang City.

The event is hold once every month by Axon Active Vietnam in both cities. The idea of making it an open space, friendly community where university students, techies, developers and interested people are free to showcase their personal experience through a presentation, question other speakers, take up challenge from the audience or interact with each other. This is a “show and tell” format where speakers are asked to show everybody their own issue, solutions and learning when working in Scrum.



At the beginning, speakers were usually tech engineers fromAxon Active, one of the pioneers in Agile software development and testing in Vietnam. Their sharing focused on fundamental practice, problems, and issues arising when switching from waterfall to agile methodology, which was very new to local software engineers at the time. Scrum breakfast has now successfully attracts and motivates attendees to present their own topics.


Passing the five-year milestone, more than 50 sessions and a continuously increasing average number of registered attendees have been a success to the community, regardless seating is limited to 80-120 people for each session. The community has growth, both in size and dynamicity, to become the biggest active tech community in Ho Chi Minh City, Silicon Valley of Vietnam.

Each Scrum breakfast begins at 8:00AM and goes until 10:30AM (although people usually hang around later). Thanks to sponsor, it couldn’t get any better with FREE ENTRY and complimentary breakfast and drink. All you need to do is register to reserve a spot as soon as the schedule is published.


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