Fintech Credit Highway
Our client

Axon Fintech is a leading fintech provider in Switzerland. For more than 25 years, Axon Fintech has developed digitization and digital transformation solutions for banks, insurances, and other financial institutions.

Client’s product

Fintech Credit Highway is a product to digitalize banks and other financial institutions. It streamlines the loan application processes, standardizes lending terms, and integrates with third parties. This results in fewer questions to borrowers and faster loan decisions for an overall better customer experience.

Moreover, since every client has a different system, this product must be tailored to each of their unique needs.

Because Fintech Credit Highway is a product for financial institutions, it has the highest requirements for accuracy, as well as security.


This is a complex product, especially since software developers are not well-versed in banking businesses and processes.

To develop this very sophisticated product, it is divided into smaller parts, each responsible by one team. Moreover, to reduce bugs and oversights, there’s a dedicated test team to catch bugs before deploying to production.

We include one representative from the client in every team, in the role of Product Owner, so that the development team can get explanation or clarification as soon as possible. On the other hand, the client also grasps the status and steers the product in real-time.

LeSS – Large Scaled Scrum framework is utilized to develop product done by multiple teams. Also, the workflow is optimized to minimize dependencies between teams.

  • J2EE
  • Axon Ivy
  • Cloud Native
  • Nuxt.js, Vue.js
  • Restful API, Quarkus
  • PostgresSQL with Hibernate
  • Gradle, Docker
  • Keycloak, Kubernetes, Istio

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