Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is a mobile app made for the region of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Visitors can download the app for information about tourists spots and water sports areas. This mobile navigation app development is carried out by The Intercantonal Nautical Commission Lake Lucerne in corporation with Mappuls AG. The app is available on tablet and smartphone and usable with and without Internet connection.

App features:

Support for navigation on the lake (no internet connection required):

  • Show current position on the map
  • Speed ​​in knots and Km/h
  • Riparian zones with speed limit, information on exceeding
  • Barrier, nature and water protection zones
  • Sports prohibited zones for windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding
  • Images of landmarks
  • Drop a pin on the map and add notes
  • Anchor guard with audible alarm

Useful information and contacts:

  • All ports and their infrastructure
  • Moorings and guest seats
  • Regulations, rules and signals
  • Safety and emergency information
  • Current water level and current water temperature
  • Boat service stations with departure times
  • Useful contacts

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