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Make sustainable travel more convenient

We provide a smartphone-based multi-modal mobility platform for public transport operators and authorities that matches customers' predicted travel patterns with real-time traffic on roads and rail to offer more efficient and less polluting travel options.

Inspire people to change their travel habits

Our patented location-tracking technology predicts what people will do next and modifies their behavior by using psychological communication interventions paired with seamless mobility booking experiences across all modes of transport.

Reward the behavior change

If commuters respond to our contextual behavior change interventions (e.g., traveling off-peak, using public transit), they are rewarded with travel fare incentives (financed by green governmental funds) and vouchers (financed by local merchants).

Sojo Travel

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Sojo Travel provides commuters and travelers with a smarter way to travel, with a set of features to plan the trip with the multi-model platform, get-time information and alarms, and reward the behavior for sustainable life quality.

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Seamless travel
  • Door-to-door planning and booking.

  • Combine public transport, taxi, bike and car.

  • Get real-time guidance across all modes.

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Smart alarms
  • Get real-time notifications and information.

  • Receive efficient alternatives based on our journey prediction.

  • Analysis of rail and road traffic disruptions.

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Behavior changes rewards
  • Receive rewards and discounts for choosing greener travel options.

  • Travel cheaper and more sustainably.


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Axon Vibe

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The predecessor company Endoxon delivered core technology for Google Maps and was acquired by Google in 2006. Leveraging related expertise within real-time navigation and location-based marketing, Axon Vibe partners with renowned public transport operators and authorities to grow public transport usage, achieve carbon emission reduction and support economic recovery with innovative business models.

Founded in 2014, Axon Vibe are a 100+ team of highly qualified and passionate software engineers, data scientists, location analytics experts, psychologists and communication specialists on our journey from location analytics to behavior change.




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