Soreco Portal
Our client

Soreco is a leading Swiss ERP solutions provider since 1988. Main products include HR Management tools, Financial Controlling tools, Business Process Management Engine and Process related solutions.

Client’s product

Soreco Portal is an ambitious on-going Business Process Web App project. 

An all-in-one system for HR and Finance. The system must be able to deal with any human resource need and massive data set for huge corporations. 


In such a vast and sophisticated project, change is inevitable; thus, the product is built with a modular architect.  

  • ePORTAL, the main module
  • eBAS is a child module that contains basic configurations
  • eCONTACT is a child module that contains functionality for managing contacts in companies
  • eSECURITY is a child module that performs Single-Sign-On, and restrict the features by roles/permission
  • eREPORTING is a child module that contains a report for a cost center
  • eCONTROLLING is a child module that performs multiple activities such as line-item budgeting and forecast budgeting

Following the Agile mindset, the software is quickly delivered as a minimum viable product and is still in continuous development and release to keep up with the quickly evolving market. 

  • Java 8.0
  • RESTeasy
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • SASS
  • SQL Scripting
  • Arquilian
  • JUnit 4.0
  • SonarQube
  • Java Code Coverage Library
  • Jenkins
  • GIT

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