Teledata is CRIF’s latest and biggest investment in data management system development. The system maps out relationships and network connections between Swiss businesses, as well as between business and political parties. Users can access the system via a web interface. System database provides users with the information of all Swiss companies and individuals registered in the official federal commercial registry and their solvency background details. These information allows business to reduce credit risk, prevent credit fraud and make appropriate decisions in the crediting process.

Teledata’s impressive features include variable enquiry capabilities and specific solutions for different customers. It is therefore particularly suitable for big corporate, medium-sized businesses and public sector.

App features:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of customer and industry environment
  • Security in business decisions
  • Minimization of customer losses
  • Efficiency in business processes
  • Integrated processes in your existing systems
  • Competent, industry-specific advice and user training.

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