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DN Scrum Breakfast – Recipes to cook an Agile team (August 2019)

DN Scrum Breakfast – Recipes to cook an Agile team (August 2019)

If you understand the struggle in teamwork, you would know that it is definitely not easy to handle because human is complex and you have to work with lots of characteristics. Coming to this event, you will explore the best practices in building & nurturing team with Agile methodologies. We may not solve all of the human issues, but surely we can make them less complex. Together we will help each other apply Agile in working better and better.

Come and enjoy a useful weekend morning with us.

  • Topic: Recipes to cook an Agile team

  • Time: 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM | Saturday, 24th August 2019

  • Venue: Forever Café, 44 Phan Dinh Phung Str., Da Nang

What’s special about this August event?

  • Hearing practical experiences from many Scrum Masters at Axon Active, not just 01.

  • Learning with Paper Slides instead of Powerpoint – Promising to be a totally different and special Scrum Breakfast event from usual.

  • Exploring team canvas, Tuckman’s stages, Shu Ha Ri, T-shape model and self-organization in details.

There are FREE light breakfast and drinks for everyone.


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