Agile coaching

We offer Agile coaching services to enterprises that are looking for an innovative working process and moving to agility.
  • Private Customized Enterprised Training
  • Pilot Agile Team
  • Frequent public courses (Agile leadership, Scrum, Kanban, CSM…)
What you take home from our training?
  • Understand what Agile means and how it's related to your enterprise
  • Explore how to build vision and continuously improve with Agile
  • Discuss the value of your enterprise and what could support the transition
  • Know what is important to communicate to the entire enterprise
  • Discover potential impediments to the changes
  • Learn how to build high-performance teams
Let's try Agile

Outsourcing ICT Services

We provide outsourcing ICT services, aiming to deliver convenience, efficiency and the best value to your business. We help you manage, maintain and secure your infrastructure using premium cloud services (Amazon Cloud Services, Azure...). Having an ICT team is necessary for sustainable development as a team offers diversified skills and knowledge, greater coverage, higher capacity and staff availability. Our outsourcing ICT services can help. Our cross-functional ICT team covers below domains:

Our cross-functional ICT team covers below domains:
  • Computing and Network Setup using first-class technology
  • Data Security, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing risk
  • Monitoring and Performance Management
  • System Maintenance, improving stability and overall performance
  • Cloud Service, providing secured storage.

For details and pricing, please contact us.

Whether you need extra local storage for your project or quick server option to deploy your product, our highly maintained and secured infrastructure is yours to use.
See below what is included in our basic package.

  • Setup and support
  • Patch critical fix
  • Backup (snapshot 1 time/week)
  • Backup (for special folder 1 time/day)
  • Backup is stored physically in 2 different locations
  • The VM is hosted on a server with monitored UPS
  • Concurrent host of the VM for a higher availability
  • Separate IP range possible
  • Configuration with direct standard (FTTH) VPN access
  • Unlimited network up/down load
  • Unlimited reboot
  • Server monitoring by web interface
  • Developers access by web interface
  • Preconfigured server-images are available
  • Additional licenses are available based on offer
  • Own licenses can be used
  • Prepaid unit volume can be used for several servers for needed flexibility
  • We also have customized options to meet your requirements and maximize flexibility. For details and pricing, please contact us.

    If you have purchased our package, let us get you started with the Cloud Services User Guide. Download it here.

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