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Facilitate the work of scientists with software development

Developing a new life science, pharmaceutical or healthcare product requires many resources to satisfy a sophisticated process. While automation software is a lifesaver for biotech companies, insufficient technical expertise and rare skilled software engineers have put lots of challenge to software development planning of the company. Understanding the concern of majority of biotech businesses, we are happy to introduce the most optimal and possible solution for you.
At Axon Active, we provide the perfect technical match to your scientist team, helping you move forward to develop an automated software and increase work efficiency. We give you the ultimate access to a big pool of talented engineers, and freely pick the right ones for your offshore Biotech development team. The selected engineers will have deep expertise in Biotech development as well as strong technical skills and work exclusively for your company. You are free to adjust the scale of your outsourced team to go along with your budget and demand. We also supply work-space and tech facility for your team, as well as any tech tools they need to start developing.

Nothing’s better than having your own offshore Biotech development team

  • Absolute concentration – your team delivers 100% effort to your project.
  • Full control – you are 100% entitled to control and manage the team members.
  • Higher scalability – you are able to reduce or increase size and skillsets of the team quickly and easily.
  • Shorter time-to-market – deep understanding of the project helps the team increase speed and efficiency in development.
  • Flexibility in scope of work – there is no limitation in the team’s scope of work.

offshore biotech development team

Why we are the right partner for you in Biotech software development?

  • Owned and managed by Axon Group, leading IT provider in Switzerland
  • Deep Biotech domain expertise
  • Fast access to talent pool without any cost of hiring and training
  • High flexibility to reduce or increase the team size and work
  • High quality network infrastructure to ease distant communication
  • 100% English working environment
  • Highly secured system and strict security regulations
  • Extended time zones coverage
  • Exclusive premium ICT services for clients
  • Exclusive Agile/ Scrum coaching services for clients
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Make operational improvements with software development

Established in 2008 and trusted by corporates worldwide, we have been successfully delivered software solutions in different domains, such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Web applications, Mobile Applications and more.
Our broad range of domain experience in software development allows you to do more with your software and yield a high return on investment. We are ready to bring all the experience we have earned in years to develop a top-notch software solution, whether to help you manage your process better or to produce your products faster. Our engineer teams have experienced in building software used for below purpose:

  • Operation management
  • Patient/ customer management
  • Biotech and Healthcare Data modelling
  • Database upgrade and migration
Explore our offshore software development services for a more thorough understanding of how we can bring more value to your business.

Maximize your profit with our offshore Biotech development models

Set up your own software development team is not a perfect solution in some cases:

  • Your biotech business is a startup
  • You do not already have experience in software development
  • You need to release your biotech product asap

Did you know offshore Biotech development team is an optimal solution for you?
As a software house with many years in the industry, we have greater expertise in technical perspective. We can advise you which technology works and what does not for your business and help you turn your idea into reality.
As a reputable Swiss IT service provider, we have attracted thousands of talented and professional software engineers and become a dream workplace for local students in engineers. This allows us to recruit people as fast as you need and reduce your development time.
As a pioneer in Agile software development, our working process gives your scientists opportunity to work closely with software engineers on a daily basis and learn more of technical knowledge. This contributes to increase your technical expertise and sharpen your next product better.

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