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Axon Active’s offshore testing center provides not only regular offshore outsourced testing services but we also work towards becoming a trusted consulting partner who helps design a strategic software testing process for your business and advice suitable software testing solutions that improve your business efficiency and performance, helping you achieve long-term objectives.

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Having a test expert within the development team allows various tests to be performed in the early stages of deployment cycle. It is observed that most of the errors arising during Analysis & Design and Code & Build phases, and only being detected at the last stage of the cycle. The fact is that the earlier a defect is identified, the less it costs to fix. So testing should start early to avoid the introduction of defects in the early phase.

Advantages of early testing:
  • Effectively eliminate and prevent bugs
  • Create and maintain efficient test cases while requirements are still evolving
  • Help plan for software rewrite and bug fixing
  • Prevent future delays, unknown risks and costs due to late bug defection
  • Allocate enough time to ensure the quality of product

Testing could be biased, should the test teams be involved in the development progress. Mistakes often come from wrong assumptions and blind spots in your team, making it easy to miss technology and functional issues. Ideally, a different individual or team should be testing your software. Independent test teams avoid biases and are often more effective at finding defects and issues.

The benefits of having an independent test team includes but are not limited to:
  • Enhancing testing coverage and depth with unbiased approach to the product
  • Delivering more customer-centric products since tests are performed in a simulation of the production environment

Benefits of OTC services

Access to top-notch talents
Full control of dev team
Highly secured IT infrastructure
Well-defined Agile process
Full ownership of source code
Scalable & customizable
Exclusive engineer team
State-of-the-art facility
English working environment
No hidden cost
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