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Increasing depth and scope of testing 

Our offshore automation testing service comes in a convenient completed package

We provide efficient solutions that cover various elements of a successful test automation projects: test skills, tools, methodology and process. Our offshore automation testing service will be carried out by a customized team, starting with 5 test engineers, selected based on strict recruitment standards, making the perfect complement to your in-house development team, with only the skills you need. The scope of work is not limited, giving you room to make necessary changes throughout the software testing cycle. You are entitled to full control of the team work and legal ownership of the test scripts.

Having an independent test team brings various benefits:

  • Enhance testing coverage and depth with unbiased approach to the product
  • Deliver customer-centric products as tests are performed in a simulated environment
  • Lower the cost of testing as the burden of recruitment and training is lifted
  • Access to the scarce/expensive talents or vertical expertise
  • Perform complex and costly tests which can’t be afforded in-house
  • Reduce testing time and accelerating the project
  • Improve in-house focus on core activity
offshore automation testing team

If you like the idea of early testing but hesitate to set up a new test team, switch to our integrated development and test team option.

Why Axon Active is your most suited offshore testing partner?

  • Dedicated customizable engineer team
  • Low employee turnover rate
  • Access to top-notch talent by strict recruitment standards
  • No hidden training and administrative costs
  • Saving on capital investment for IT infrastructure and modern facility
  • Well-defined Agile process focusing on teamwork and collaboration
  • Flexibility to scaling up & down requirements
  • 100% working in English
  • Full control of the development team
  • Full ownership of the source code and final product
  • Swiss legal terms, work culture and ethics
  • High level of transparency with flat organizational structure

Automation testing brings various benefits to your business

The role of software testing is advanced up rapidly in software development as business realizes the expensive cost of defects and errors. With millions of devices exisiting, it is almost impossible for test engineers to manually test a software or feature on all those devices. High frequency test cases must be executed using automation test frameworks and tools. Our offshore automation testing service allows you to increase test efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and test coverage.

Some significant benefits of automation testing:
  • Reliable
  • Minimal human errors
  • Faster, efficient
  • Reusable
  • Upgradable
  • Consistent
  • Lower in long-term cost
  • Easy to maintain

Increase test efficiency with the right tools for automated test scripts

Selection of the right tool for automated test scripts is the key factor of efficiency. A suitable tool will decrease cost, fit with many frameworks, types of test and easy to use. There are a lot of automation testing tools in the market, our test experts apply some criteria to filter out the best tool for your project, for example:
  • Level of support for different platforms and technology, types of testing i.e. which language is your software written in? Is it a mobile or web apps? What operating systems is it running on? Etc.
  • How rich in features i.e. what features are included? Are there any checkpoints implemented to verify databases, values or software functionality?
  • How easy to create automated tests i.e. does it support record-and-playback test creation as well as manual creation of automated tests?
  • How flexible the test scripts? i.e. Will test scripts be reusable, maintainable and adaptive to changes if UI of the app changes?
Here is an overview of tools we commonly use:
  • Selenium
  • JMeter
  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • Mockito
  • TestFlight SDK
  • Sauce Labs
  • Arquilian
  • Mantis
  • TestLink

We plan in advance implementation process and test design approach

For a successful automation testing, the automated tool implementation process plays a not-less important role besides test tool selection and test script. It gives testers directions, increases testing efficiency and makes it easier for business owners to follow the progress. Our offshore automation testing engineers have designed a unique and valuable testing process, where actual results are constantly compared to expected result, so test engineers can make suitable adjustments to test plan.

Define scope
Select test tools
Set strategy


A good test also needs an effective design pattern to follow. Depends on the specification of your project, our test team utilizes suitable approach to maximize value of the outcome. Some popular test design approaches that we use:
  • System model driven approach: Automated test designs inputs and outputs.
  • Graphical test case design approach: Manual test designs inputs and outputs, automated writing test scripts.
  • Environment model driven approach: Only this approach allows the automated test design and test case, the other approaches are not.

Automation testing is performed in Agile environment at Axon Active

All of our test teams apply Agile methodology, in which testing happens frequently throughout the software development cycle, unlike in traditional methodology where testing usually takes place at the end of the cycle. This means bugs could be found sooner, issues could be solved earlier, and adjustments could be made easier before the product gets too complicated to be altered. Agile working process contributes to shorter time-to-market and lower project’s cost.

Learn more about Agile testing and what benefits Agile methodology brings to your company.

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