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Human is the major contributor to success

Manual testing needs skillful human resources. Axon Active offers high quality independent offshore manual testing teams starting at 5 professional testers with selected sets of skills that match your project requirements. Included in the service package are modern work station, state-of-the-art facilities and proper manual testing tools to get your project going smoothly.

The offshore test teams work directly and exclusively for you and is a perfect extension to your in-house development team. You will be the one who transfer business knowledge and expectation of the projects to the test team, and are entitled to full control of the team as well as ownership of their work.

Having an independent manual test team improve your testing efficiency

  • Immediate start on testing, without waste time on training
  • Increase testing coverage and depth with added resources and skills
  • Unbiased approach and greater focus on product usability
  • Greater focus on user experience
  • Instant access to the scarce/expensive talents
  • Exclusive use of testing tools and technologies that can’t be afforded in-house
  • Speeding up the project by testing as early as possible and utilizing the time gap
  • Improving in-house focus on software development

Aiming to bring you flexibility to maximize efficiency, we also provide, in addition to independent offshore manual testing team, integrated development and test team, which is more suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Offshore manual testing combining with Agile methodologies offers incremental development and shortens product’s time-to-market.

Why Axon Active is your most suited offshore manual testing partner?

  • Dedicated customizable team of high quality engineers
  • Broad vertical expertise with clients in various industries
  • Access to top-notch offshore manual testing engineers by strict recruitment standards
  • No hidden training and administrative costs
  • Saving on capital investment for IT infrastructure and modern facility
  • Well-defined Agile working process with strong focus on collaboration with customer
  • Flexibility to scaling up & down requirements
  • 100% communication and working in English
  • Full control of the development team
  • Full ownership of the source code and final product
  • Swiss legal terms, work culture and ethics
  • Flat organizational structure to ensure transparency and Agility

Agile working process improves overall project quality

Working process holds an important role in determining the efficiency level of the project. It could speed up or slow down the project and has a direct impact on the final quality of the software product. With the compelling demand to meet delivery deadlines, our test teams apply Agile working methodologies which promote flexible, collaborative and iterative development.

Agile methodology offers incremental development

Axon Active’s proficiency in Agile has helped clients to improve overall project quality with successful integrations of agile methodology in their operation. Our Agile team test continuously to ensure ongoing process and iterative delivery of a minimum viable product. Additionally, complicated documentation is reduced in Agile working, allowing testers to stay focus on the essence of the test and consequently reducing the testing time.

Some benefits of Agile in manual testing:

  • Testing time reduction saves costs and shortens product’s time-to-market
  • Frequent feedback allows quicker fix on errors and higher adaptability to changes
  • Increase collaboration among development, test team and business analysts

Depending on your operational model, you can choose a suited agile working process for your own corporation between Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.

Integrating manual testing in your DevOps organizations

Maintaining manual testing in DevOps organization is easier with offshore manual testing team, who is not pressured by time-consuming in-house development process. Outsourced team can dive into exploratory testing, where they uncover major real-world defects faster, and meet the right user’s requirements. This fits perfectly with the idea of high-quality outcome in DevOps.

At Axon Active, testers are trained about methodologies and working process to integrate in your organization. Our testers work closely with your operation to monitor tools and development team to notify issues in time.

Some benefits of offshore manual testing in DevOps organization:

  • In-house team can focus on collaboration with in-house development to push more automated test into continuous integration.
  • Increased test coverage offers a better understanding of desired business outcome.
  • Integration of continuous testing with deployment and operations speed up the time-to-market and adaption to changes.
  • Constant monitoring performance improves overall product quality.

Use manual testing in the right area

Automated test scripts can also go wrong. It is also hard to establish automated testing from the beginning of working with new platforms or devices. Manual testing is still necessary for unexplored areas. We recommend keeping testing manually in these specific areas:

Exploratory Testing

Considered as continuous learning for testers, during exploratory testing, testers learn to generate good test using his creativity, knowledge, experience, analytical/logical skills and intuition. The key of this test is the intellectual engagement of the tester, not automation tools.

Usability Testing

The objective of this test is measure user-friendliness, including the interface of the software (visual, fonts, etc.), the experience that it brings to users (navigation, features, etc.). This means human observation is the key factor of this type of testing, especially with applications which have constantly changing GUI. Manual testers can view things from a user’s perspective and easily spot on these types of discrepancies.

Ad-hoc Testing

This type of testing is usually unplanned and intended to run only once, aiming to check the understanding and insight of the tester so what is needed is the tester’s skill.

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