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Add maintenance skills to your in-house development team

Software maintenance is undeniably important phase of software development and should be performed by skilled engineers. For many years, Axon Active has been provided additional offshore software maintenance services to corporates worldwide, which do not have sufficient resources and capable in-house team. Starting with at least 5 engineers, the offshore software maintenance team dedicates 100% of concentration on your product. By working closely with project manager in a Scrum/ Agile process, your outsourced engineers are able to capture business landscape, objectives and product requirements.

With offices in 3 major cities of Vietnam, as well as USA, Japan and Switzerland, our recruitment resource consists of top-notch talents in the maintenance field. Our engineers speak multiple languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C#, Swift, giving you opportunity to instantly add more skills to your existing team, without the hassle of recruitment, training and administration.

Why Axon Active is your perfect offshore software maintenance partner ?

  • 100% Agile working environment
  • All of our offshore software maintenance developers and testers are fluent in English
  • Available access to talented software engineers with round skillsets
  • Team-base services offer end-to end dedication and commitment
  • Additional Agile training and coaching at request
  • Quality control and assurance from start to finish
  • Swiss-inherited conducts and policies for maximum confidentiality
  • Multiple maintenance packages for more flexibility

Our technologies and tools

Maintenance tools:
  • Text Editor
  • File Comparator
  • Compiler and Linker
  • Debugger (Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger, Firefox JavaScript debugger, LLDB)
  • Cross-reference generator
  • Static code analyzer
Maintenance Technologies:
  • EMC Documentum
  • EMC Captiva
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Alfresco
  • Alfresco One
  • Liferay Portal
  • SDL Tridion
Manual Testing:
  • Black Box Testing / White Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
Automated Testing tools:
  • Selenium
  • QTP
  • Jmeter
  • Loadrunner
  • TestLink
Our software maintenance process

software maintenance process

  • Classifying & Identifying – We identify and classify the type of modification request or maintenance generated by end user or system report at the beginning.
  • Analyzing – We analyze the impact of the requirements on the system including safety and security to find solutions, and categorize essential modifications into each maintenance objective.
  • Designing – Features or functions which need to be added, replaced or modified are designed based on maintenance objectives. We create test cases for validation and verification.
  • Implementing – Our engineers build new features or functions coded based on previous structured design while test engineers perform unit testing in parallel.
  • System Testing – New features are integrated into existing software system, followed by Regression testing procedures.
  • Acceptance Testing – We collect feedback from users and make additional modifications in the next iteration.
  • Delivery – After acceptance test, the new software version is installed across departments by minor update package or fresh installation.

Scrumban framework raises proficiency in software maintenance

Software engineers have increasingly used Agile frameworks to shorten time-to-market and address customer’s demand faster. With 10 years of experience in Agile practice, our engineers achieved success in software maintenance using Scrumban, a methodology describing hybrids of Scrum and Kanban, which allow our engineers to quickly detect and fix bugs as well as work adaptively to constant changing requests in product features, ensuring your core business goals.

We are ready to bring many benefits of Scrumban to our business:

offshore software maintenance team using Scrumban

Better communication

The better the communication is, the faster the work can be done. In Scrumban, the offshore software maintenance team starts a day with a brief stand-up meeting to update the current progress of assigned tasks. During PO’s visit in our office, this effective face-to-face communication gives PO an instant catch up and immediate feedback on the product. It is easier for the team to identify bottleneck and act faster to remove them to maintain the work-in-process.

Quick response to errors and changes

Bugs become more and more expensive and time-consuming to fix as the team moves forward in the software development cycle. Changes in request, similarly, are harder to integrate into the system as the level of complexity is built up. Without a doubt, errors should be addressed as early as possible.

Our offshore software maintenance teams apply the planning-on-demand principle to fill the backlog by the pull system. It means your working board stays persistent, but you can keep pushing change request and fixing software issues at any time.

Improvements in product quality

Product quality is the key competitive advantage in today’s software market. It is crucial your business to continuously improve the quality of the software. Continuous Improvement is something our engineers will perform daily for our clients. We actively seek for new opportunity to add values to your business, from refactoring code to improving UI design.

Combined Manual and Automation Testing increases test coverage

Using only manual or automation in testing does not cover all aspects of a software. While automated testing can detect errors and bugs faster, it is also crucial for a software to be manually tested by a human for overall performance, logic of application, interface design and user experience.

Axon Active’s OTC services cover both manual testing and automation testing, allowing you to combine skills needed for your project. We recruit experienced engineers that own the skills matching your specific software maintenance requirements. You are entitled to benefits of different testing methods, which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire project.

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