System Integration Testing (SIT)

Keeping every part of your system together 

Independent offshore system integration testing team is a perfect add on to your dev team

We deliver offshore system integration testing service (SIT) in a complete package, including skillful testers with broad vertical expertise, necessary test tools, Agile working process, workspace and modern IT infrastructure. Starting with as few as 5 testers, the outsourced team expertise and skills are tailored to your project requirements. The team works exclusively for you as an extension of your in-house team. While you are empowered with full control and ownership of the offshore teams, our role is training, daily management and administration and providing full work station setup, including modern infrastructure, necessary tool and technology.

Why Axon Active is the most suited offshore testing partner for you?

  • Dedicated customizable engineer team
  • Low employee turnover rate
  • Access to top-notch talent through strict hiring process
  • No hidden training and administrative costs
  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure and modern facility
  • Well-defined Agile methodology with a strong focus on teamwork
  • Flexibility to scaling up & down requirements
  • 100% working in English
  • Full control of the development team
  • Full ownership of the source code and final product
  • Swiss legal terms, work culture and ethics

We cover a broad range of SIT expertise

  • Virtual machine technology: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4, VMware vCloud Director, VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere
  • Automated testing: Automation Framework by Java and Selenium WebDriver, Testplant/ Eggplant
  • Performance testing: Jmeter, Gatling

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Keep testing transparent with our independent offshore testing service

An independent test team brings a third-party view to testing and to review the software, which helps detect bugs and problems that could be blind to the programmers who write the code. By separating testing and development team, you can also avoid certain assumptions and bias that in-house engineers imply on product testing. Bringing a fresh mind to software testing also helps elevate product quality to meet customer expectations.

Unlike in-house programmers, independent testers are not under management pressure, allowing them to report the test results honestly, bias-free. They are more straightforward in pointing out problems in development team.

Having an offshore system integration testing team, in addition, makes testing more efficient in term of time and budget. While testing in-house is often not fulfilled since many managers still underrate software testing and programmers don’t allocate enough time to test, our offshore dedicated team gives 100% focus to achieve customer goals and objectives of your testing project. Outsourcing testing usually has separate quota to ensure that appropriate amount of money is spent on proper tester training, testing tools, test equipment, etc.

offshore system integration testing team

Solve complex problems in testing by working Agile

More than any other types of tests, system integration testing is a complicated test, which requires flexible and breakthrough methodology to complete. At Axon Active, our Agile testing process aims to solve complex problems of test teams during working progress; by breakdown, the whole projects into iterative flow of work. Our offshore system integration testing teams are dynamic and flexible on the methods. We choose among Scrum, Kanban, DevOps… to deliver the best test results to our clients. In general, test team continuously performs test in a certain period of time, called sprint, and delivers continuous integration after each sprint. Testing can be more efficiently and happens in parallel with development and production.

Improve test quality and effectiveness with test automation

Test automation is often planned in advanced and repeated throughout a project. This typle of tests offers broader test coverage and more thoroughly testing. It supports multi-configuration and capability evaluation throughout the testing process, providing more useful information about your system.

Our full-stack software engineers have years of experience in applying automated testing strategy during the SIT life-cycle including test design, execution, verification and analysis. We automate test design by picturing mouse, keyboard or switch actions, and creating script and verification. Test execution are automatic via display scripts, scenerios and designed sequences. Verifying executed tests through captured real-time displays and images of Pass/Fail helps to deliver Test Reports from test runs and results. We are ready to reduce your testing time with test automation.

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