Our engineer team was established in May 2009 with 7 members and we have been together from the beginning. Our projects focus on 2 major areas: basic data management software and financial management application. For basic data management software, customers can search for any company, person and their relationships. For financial management application, the systems help customers to write, modify or delete their contract Information (Contract, Card/Balance Notification and Credit Request). Our team is all about “You have issues, we have solutions”.

Expertise Java, Spring Framework, JSP, PrimeFaces, MyFaces, RichFaces, Javascript, jQuery, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, ActiveMQ, IBM WebsphereMQ, Axis, JAX-WS, Drool; Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Eclipse, Squirrel-SQL, SOAP UI, Tomcat, Geronimo, MagicDraw.

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