Certified ScrumMaster course (CSM – March 2019)


3-day Course with Certified Scrum Trainers – Streamline your road to become a successful Scrum Master (CSM).

Scrum Masters are the heart of the Scrum team with the mission of inspiring others. This role cannot be succeeded by simply learning the theories, it requires practices and clear guideline to begin the Scrum journey. Since Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master, formal training like Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) is one key factor to provide you with a solid foundation for mastery.

Why this course?

Our CSM® course is the only three-day in-person course in Vietnam where:

  • Each session’s design is not limited to theoretical approach but extended to practical exercises with a great combination of interactive workshop and group activities.
  • Your knowledge will be assisted by Certified Scrum Trainers, who both excel in Scrum principles and software development practice in multiple organizations.
  • The trainer high selection standard is set by Scrum Alliance.
  • You will enjoy the professional and 5-star standard quality of the training locations.
  • Considering the remarkable highlights, valuable outcomes and great gains you will experience and achieve, we offer you a reasonable price of $599 USD. Our offer is more competitive than other Scrum Alliance’s training sessions in South East Asia, North American and Europe region with 2 or 3 times price higher.
Who should join?

This course is for anyone who is interested in Scrum. We welcome those who are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and are open to a new approach. Whether you are new to the Scrum framework or need to perfect the skill you have already had.

This workshop is for you if you would like to:

After the CSM® training, you can take home more valuable assets than you have expected. You would be able to:

  • Gain valuable and practical Scrum knowledge to apply it appropriately and effectively
  • Strengthen your role as a Scrum Master to enhance project’s predictability and reliability
  • Have deep insights into your project to improve quality and maximize profits
  • Inspire your colleagues to optimize teamwork’s performance efficiently
  • Reduce risks through rapid iterations of development that inform opportunity assessments
  • Handle timelines shift and interruptions are frequent
  • Start your Scrum journey with a high-performance team
  • Have more happiness at work
Our workshop
  • Is a three-day interactive, face-to-face workshop
  • Is about helping you achieve your goals in an agile context
  • Is not trying to sell you on Scrum or Agile
What more you can take home?

After our Certified Scrum Master course, you will also be able to get:

  • Certified Scrum Master Certificate (if all conditions – attendance and a test, are met)
  • 22 Scrum Education Units® (SEU®s)/ Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Being a Scrum Alliance®’s member for 2 years
  • $100 ~ 2,300,000 VND worth of printed and electronic manuals with useful theories and exercises, including handbook, Planning Poker box, Scrum on a page, Scrum Roles and Events card
  • Free high-quality lunch and tea break each day at a five-star training venue
  • Networking opportunities where you can meet and share ideas with mind-sharing professionals coming from reputable IT companies, organizations and many more

Our Certified Scrum Master course is divided into modules. At each module, the trainers will guide you through exercises that help you to connect the material to real world, learn and experience new concepts through practice, question and continuous feedback.

Modules include:

  • Day 1 – Scrum Foundations
  • Day 2 – The Scrum Master, coaching and facilitation and self-organizing
  • Day 3 – Service to the Team, the Product Owner and the Organization
Ms. Zuzana Sochova

Zuzana is an independent Agile trainer and a Certified Scrum Trainer with more than fifteen years of experience in the IT industry. She started with Agile and Scrum back in 2005, when she was implementing agile methods in the USA. From then on, she has been credited with agile transformation and implementation for many companies and teams around the world.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with Scrum Alliance, Zuzi has trained thousands of ScrumMasters and Product Owners. By creating and sustaining Agile leadership, Zuzi believes the worlds of work and life can be made happier and more successful.

Mr. Sebastian Sussmann

Sebastian Sussmann has more than 10 years of IT and software development experience in offshore business both in Europe and Vietnam. He is now working for Axon Active as Chief Information Officer (CIO). He has worked several years in all Scrum roles in local and distributed teams such as developer, Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Sebastian has proven experience in building and coaching both on-site and distributed Scrum and Agile teams in Vietnam and Europe. He also coaches Scrum process and Agile thinking for students of several universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho. Besides the training, he is also the founder of Scrum Breakfast Da Nang & Ho Chi Minh City and frequent speaker in Agile Tour and Global Scrum Gathering.


Time & date: 09:00 – 18:00 | 24, 25 & 26 March 2019
Venue: Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon – 253 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, HCM City, Vietnam


Early Bird: 599 USD ~ 13,930,232 VND* (until March 18, 2019)
Standard: 17,032,260 VND* (after March 18, 2019)

Payment methods:
  1. Cash:
    Location: Axon Active Vietnam – HCMC office (from 9:00 – 18:00). See the map here
  2. Bank Transfer:
    The payment will be in VND. Please note “CSM_MAR19_Yourname” for the transaction.
  3. Credit Card (Paypal):
      Pay less and get more convenience with Credit-card payment in USD
  • 5% discount for group of more than 5 people
  • 10% discount for group of more than 10 people
  • For VAT-invoice (plus 10%) requirement, we only accept the bank transfer.
  • Cancellation: No refund for Early Bird. For Standard Price, you’ll be fully refunded with notice before March 20, 2018.
  • *The actual payment may vary based on the current exchange rate of Vietcombank here. For the above price, we use the exchange rate of 23,245 VND per USD at January 24, 2019.

We can provide separate Agile/Scrum training to your organization on a case-by-case basis. Call us at 028 7109 1234 (ext 117) or email us at for more information and support.

1/ Does the tuition fee cover all offerings?

Yes, it does. The fee you paid for the course at the registration period has covered everything offered. Specifically:

  • A certification from Scrum Alliance® as a Certified ScrumMaster® (if you pass the examination)
  • A two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance® community
  • Training materials worth $100 USD ~ 2,300,000 VND including handbook, Planning Poker box, Scrum on a page, Scrum Roles and Events card
  • Lunch and tea break each day at a five-star training venue
2/ Does the tuition fee include the examination fee?

Yes, it does. You are also granted a second chance if you failed the test once. If you are not qualified for the second test, each attempt after is worth $25 USD. Please visit Scrum Alliance® website for the latest information.

3/ What is your selection criteria for the trainers?

Axon Active has more than 9 years implementing Scrum and Agile in our working culture, as well as organizing and joining many CSM® courses. With our history and mindset, we do our best to reach out to Scrum Alliance’s ® excellent Certified Scrum Trainers®.

To become a Certified Scrum Trainer® is very difficult because the Scrum Alliance® sets a very high standard. Certified instructors must have substantial practical experience in implementing Scrum in many organizations and share stories from these experiences in training. They must be expert at both working and teaching. By setting such a high standard for its faculty, the Scrum Alliance® ensures that participants in the courses will have amazing learning experiences that you cannot get from the other normal trainers.

4/ When should I take this course?

Not only when you have problems should you attend our course. CSM® course is for everyone at every stage of Agile transformation. As Agility is a journey with never-ending learning and improving experience, you would take this course together with many experienced people in Agile/Scrum, from developers, Scrum Masters to Product Owners.

5/ I have no experience in Scrum, can I join this course?

Yes, you can. We do not require you to be in any particular position so as to join our course. For your references, some of our participants had these occupations:

  • Team leaders: Project Manager, Lead Programmer, Lead Software Engineer and so on.
  • Senior managers: Chief Executive Officer, Head of Department, and so forth.

We value differences as they help widen participant knowledge and perspectives. We welcome anyone from any background who is open to a new way of working.

6/ Why should I take this course when I am already a Scrum Master? Is it worthy to get the certificate?

The certificate is a form of knowledge confirmation. The value of the certificate is widely recognized and highly appreciated as it is issued by Scrum Alliance®. CSM® certification is the standard that Vietnamese and international leading software companies need in a Scrum Master to solve complex problems successfully. By getting your CSM® certificate in Vietnam, you are demonstrating to potential employers that you are flexible by having more than just one way helping them organize and deliver projects and products effectively. Moreover, you would be able to support them with the vision of “Transforming the World of Work”, as well as assist them on the constant journey of learning and improving.

In practice, outside factors and “flexible adaptation” without control has broken Scrum’s core principles and values, which in turn, leads to Scrum team ineffectiveness and failure. Statistically, we have found that 80% of Scrum Master with 3-4 years of experience joining the collaboration course between Scrum Alliance® and Axon Active Vietnam did not pass the Scrum Master role test. In such cases, CSM® purpose is to help Scrum Master fulfill their mission, as well as support Development Team and Product Owner applying Scrum appropriately.

7/ What are the conditions I have to meet in order to get the CSM® Certificate?

To be able to acquire the CSM® Certificate, you are first required to attend the CSM® course accepted by Scrum Alliance®. After finishing the course, you have to pass the online test on website in order to receive the certificate.

8/ Why your course is 3 days while other courses are usually 2?

Our course design is extended to 3 days – a unique course in Vietnam as an effort to optimize the knowledge and practice you need to know about the world of Scrum and Agile. By having more time, you will be able to have more chance of exchanging interesting experience from your trainers, leaders, project managers, which opens the possibility of getting a deeper and wider understanding, as well as unique takeaways that is helpful for your daily work.