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Smart mobility



AML Guard

AML Guard aims to help companies and banks prevent money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism effectively. As governments require, companies and banks must identify their business and private customers and regularly check them against PEP or sanctions lists.


Teledata is the data management system that maps out relationships and network connections between Swiss businesses and business and political parties.

APF Accounting Payable Flow

APF helps process your company invoices and bookkeeping most efficiently. For various kinds of invoice, you can create different workflows with optional steps and proper cost-approval persons. 

Energy exchange platform

This is a Swiss based digital solution for the energy market. It enables end users to aggregate and gain insights into their consumption and production. This can be fed back to other stakeholders and enables multiple entities to purchase power on the market with better conditions.

Customer onboarding

The application solves the bank account opening process at the front desk and utilizes the post office branch network to complete formalities. It is integrated with multi-function terminals allowing bank officers to gather and verify user identity with high trust in a shorter time.


PharmDash allows consultants to create different reports from input datasets, with a configurable workflow to manipulate data based on the need of different reports, under support from AWS infrastructure to handle big data/ETL/ services.

Life insurance

Set of B2E and B2C applications that digitalize the daily process of a top life insurance company in Switzerland.


A solution to design and print personalized stamps that support Swiss Post – the national postal service of Switzerland.

Sojo Travel

A smartphone-based multi-modal mobility platform for public transport operators and authorities that matches customers' predicted travel patterns with real-time traffic on roads and rail to offer more efficient and less polluting travel options.


SW-Online was created to help customers find the most comprehensive information (addresses, phone numbers, …) about companies and decision-makers in Switzerland for marketing purposes.


KLARA was created by the will to help reduce your SMEs' administrative efforts. KLARA takes care of all relevant administrative tasks in your business or in your households.


The web application allows the clerks of the Energy Company to manage, execute or monitor the tasks/orders generated from the customer's energy requests (electricity, gas, solar, battery...).

Metatrader platform

MetaTrader is platform suite from MetaQuotes Software Corporation, with 2 popular versions MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Our client also recently introduced the ability for users to connect their accounts to TradingView, a popular third-party charting platform.

Mobile payment

Mobile payments can be made easily almost everywhere, not only at supermarkets, online shops but also at many other places such as parking slots, vending machines, farm shops, etc.

Non-life insurance

In the end, software modules in this system can help the user, as insurance company’s employee, reduce effort to manage daily tasks, partner, contract, broker information. And not just internal processes, the system also provides effective ways to manage consent & potential customers.

NX - NextEvent

A SaaS solution that helps NextEvent AG efficiently manage their ticket booking system.


Zipster is Asia's first all-in-one transport app to simplify daily commutes by providing quick and easy access to a wide range of urban transportation services.

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