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AML Guard aims to help companies and banks prevent money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism effectively. As governments require, companies and banks must identify their business and private customers and regularly check them against PEP or sanctions lists. Conducting such checks, and managing and documenting the processes are time-consuming and resource-consuming. With the AML Guard, they get a comprehensive tool for the due diligence check of their customers and can devote more time to their daily business.

AML Guard

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AML Guard is a comprehensive solution that checks organizations and/or people against international checklists (sanctions lists, PEPDesk, watch & blacklists, own lists of undesirable customers) and risk countries. It can be used for both the manual comparison (search function) and for the automated comparison (screening) of customer and partner portfolios with international checklists.

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Search function

The search function is usually part of the application process for exmaining a person and/or a company

  • Configuration for searched international checklists.

  • Company/person search

  • Detail check

  • Legal pdf documentation export.

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With the screening function, your person and/or company portfolio can be compared against the desired lists daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Person and/or company portfolio upload

  • Screening job management

  • Notification email for detected hits

  • Screening result export

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Hit processing

The AML Guard offers you an integrated workflow for processing the hits detected by screening jobs

  • Decision-making on hits

  • Document management (ID cards, Contracts, Pictures, …)

  • Quality Assurance

  • Audit trails


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