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Project Management and Consulting service

Accelerate your product development


Our solution

IT Project management consultancy

We accompany your project or product development closely from the beginning to the successful launch! We offer flexible project management consulting, covering small to very large and complex projects, with many years of experience setting up projects using traditional or agile approaches and accompanying your project end-to-end. Is your project in trouble? We'll help you get it back on track

Management consulting

The main goal of business analysis, is to fill the gap between the business needs and the technical solution. Project become larger, cross-functional and more complex; so requirements, management skills and techniques are indispensable. As a specialty our consultants are all experienced in working with offshore teams and can guide and support you in building accurate processes and methods.

Staff augmentation

With staff augmentation, you can speed up delivery time, fill in resource and knowledge gaps and scale your IT workforce to your needs. We offer outsourced service with experienced Project managers, highly skilled Business Analysts, certified Product Owners, and in offshore dedicated customized software development teams for your individual needs. 

Agile Project Management Service

Project management

Project set-up:
  • Analyzing and defining goals, conduct proof of concepts, stakeholder management, project risk assessment, and management, especially in offshore software development situations

Project planning
  • Helping choose the right methodology (Agile or Waterfall)

  • Milestones and Sprint planning

  • Cost planning to define a project budget (design to time, to budget or mixed form)

  • Implementing project management and agile techniques, especially in Offshore SW development situations

Project resource management:
  • Project staffing plan

  • Skill set management

  • Establishing communication & collaboration between the team members

Project controlling:
  • Establishing a mechanism to monitor project progress

  • Prematurely defining measures so that the project doesn't deviate from its timeline and costs


Digital transformation strategy
  • We help you to identify the right steps on the way to your digital transformation

  • Together we define the strategy as to which topics need to be tackled first

  • We advise you holistically and consider your processes, your organization, and your IT

Process (re)engineering
  • Digitize your business processes with us

  • We will find solutions for you to implement and uncover potential when redesigning existing processes or introducing new ones

User experience (UX)
  • Keep your customers (external/internal) in focus

  • We support you with approaches such as design to offer the best solution for your customers

  • With our POC service, we can optimally support you in testing an MVP or prototype to verify your ideas quickly and without much effort.

10 Year Experience Expertise
Agile Staff Augementation

Staff augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation services deliver you the experts you need when you need them to add value to your team. It's a flexible, efficient way of adding specialized staff members to your team on a temporary or long-term basis as an outsourcing service.

  • Product Owner

  • Scrum Master

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • System Architect

Or offshore with a dedicated customized software development team for your individual needs.


Our offshore offices and the working environment

Our Agile approach increases the value of your product and your business

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