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APF helps process your company invoices and bookkeeping most efficiently. For various kinds of invoice, you can create different workflows with optional steps and proper cost-approval persons.

Moreover, instead of stamping and processing the invoice manually, accountants can scan and proceed with further steps digitally and automatically. The application also helps digitalize the invoices, making it easy to store and update. You now have the full process under control. You know exactly where the invoice is and its status. Late payments or lost invoices are a thing of the past.

APF Accounting Payable Flow

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With the accounts payable workflow APF, you can massively reduce invoice processing times. By defining workflow and storing organizational structure, the tasks are automatically assigned to the right people in different process steps to complete the required information of an invoice before being sent to the financial accounting system.

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Digital workflow

Create a workflow for each type of invoice, and define appropriate and necessary steps such as Preparation, Accounting, Approval, Final Check, etc.

  • Define specific workflow for processing invoices

  • Allow the insertion of individual/customized fields

  • Provide internal and external rules to control, validate data field and processing steps

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Cost-approver Configuration

It is used to find the correct role or user to approve invoices, orders, etc.

  • Define organization hierarchies for cost approvals

  • Keep track of change

  • Find a substitute if the responsible one is absent

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Different people proceed with different information on an invoice by the tasks

  • Managed through user and role

  • Tasks can be delegated directly to another user by the owner or automatically redirected to substitute if a timeout is reached

  • Everything is created fully automatically and transparently, and therefore, it is traceable to know which processing step the invoices are currently in


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