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PharmDash is a real-world evidence platform that delivers insights into the use, value, and outcomes of different medications across all disease areas. Initially designed to work with the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) longitudinal patient data, it now has the functionality to ingest and analyze many other patient data sets, covering other health systems and geographies.


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PharmDash analyses longitudinal health data to create customized reports. Insights into how patients are treated in any therapy area. PharmDash has a long history of working with diseases like prostate, lung, breast, and blood cancers. The longitudinal focus is effective in chronic diseases such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Each report has complex algorithms that allow the user to gain insights at the click of a button.

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Market dynamic
  • Competitive insights and scenario planning

  • Pre-launch market sizing, assessment & planning

  • Performance tracking and reporting

  • Disease franchise performance

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Planet insight
  • Identify diagnosis and treatment bottlenecks

  • Patient discovery

  • Optimize patient medicine use

  • Assess health outcomes

  • Inform marketing message and content

  • Create and track patient segments

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Provider insights
  • HCP discovery

  • Understand trends to adapt your tactical approach

  • Inform resource planning

  • Understand and influence networks


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