Scrum Course and some interesting experiences by Students@Duy Tan University

Scrum Course and some interesting experiences by Students Duy Tan University

Imagine that you have three tennis balls in your hands. The game rule is how to juggle those balls but no ball is allowed to fall down to the ground. And the same in the software development procedure, three main factors to make a software project successful are: sphere, time and cost. Once you harmonize all these elements, it is considered the most important factor to create the overall success of a project. All of these rules together with other new knowledge I have learn thanks to the useful course about development procedure of Scrum through the co-operation between Duy Tan University and Axon Active Vietnam.

The course took place in one week with very impressive lessons by Mr. Sebastian, CIO of Axon Active VN and Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai, Head Dept. of Axon Active VN. We got a chance to extend our knowledge about the Scrum development procedure. In the same time, the real game helps us to ensure about the procedure which interested us a lot about a new methodology. When we just joined the course, we were very shy and did not dare to show our ability. After one week, besides useful knowledge, we have been more confident and stronger. Many interesting questions and cases raised by the students were answered clearly and in details by Axon Active Experts. The class atmosphere was very exciting and enthusiastic thanks to the interesting games and realistic knowledge which helps us to understand more about this procedure.

(Source: International Education Faculty_Duy Tan University)