Welcoming 08 new Certified Scrum Masters at Axon Active

September 14, 2018 – We are proud to officially have eight more team leaders promoted to Certified Scrum Master.

As a leading company in applying Agile and Scrum in software development, developing our engineers to higher level of using Agile/Scrum is critical to our business success. By helping them joining the Certified ScrumMaster Course organized by Scrum Alliance last August, we believe they have discovered many news ways to work better with the team and increase team performance.

The certification not only demonstrates their ability to coach and facilitate but also give our client confidence in building their software. With guidance from Zuzana Sochova, Certified Scrum Trainer, and Sebastian Sussmann, CIO at Axon Active – our engineers have learned certain ways to remove impediments and ensure the predictable & repeatable release for stakeholders in offshore software development industry.

Please join us to congratulate our new Certified Scrum Masters in our three branches and wish them more success at Axon Active Vietnam.

CSM Certificate1

Eight new promoted Certified Scrum Masters at Axon Active Vietnam.

Learning Scrum online is not enough to help your staffs capable of using Scrum effectively. It requires instructions and help from trustful trainers like Sebastian or Zuzana, because Scrum/Agile application in each environment is different on case by case basics. If your organization wishes to successfully apply Scrum or get your staffs trained to be professional Scrum Master, Product Owner or Scrum Dev team, please contact We’re always here to help.