[Scrum Breakfast HCMC] Toolbox for a productive Retrospective (November 2019)

Retrospective Scrum Breakfast November 2019

The idea of a Retrospective session is to help Scrum team develop continuously in all aspects (process, teamwork, technology,…). By assessing the situation and deciding what to change, our Scrum team will definitely move forward.


Come and we’ll discuss How to have a productive Retrospective session:

  • Why Retrospective mustn’t be skipped?
  • How to run Retrospective effectively?
  • Explore toolbox for a productive Retrospective


Who should join?

  • Leaders, Retrospective facilitators, Scrum Masters
  • Those who want to improve team’s performance


With many years of working as PO, Scrum Master in Scrum teams, Mr. Giang Le – Axon Active’s head of research find that Retrospective is often underestimated and passed away although it is very important. In this Scrum Breakfast event, he’ll share tips and techniques for a better Retrospective.


There are FREE light breakfast and drinks for everyone.

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Mr. Giang Le - Head of Research of Axon Active








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