The first Internship Program at Axon Active

The first Internship Program for final-year IT students at Axon Active Vietnam, Da Nang branch finished successfully. This program launched in late 2014 based on the closed cooperation between Axon Active Vietnam and Universities in Da Nang.

Axon Internship Day on Nov. 15, 2014 attracted more than 150 IT candidates from universities in Da Nang. After tests, interviews and rigorous assessment, the opportunities were given to 14 talented students from the Faculty of Information Technology – Da Nang University of Technology; Faculty of Computer Science – Da Nang University of Education and IT Advanced Program, International School – Duy Tan University.


14 interns and 2 Axon trainers at Axon Active Vietnam – Da Nang office

During 2 months of internship at Axon Active Vietnam, the students are provided quality training program with outstanding features:

– Full-time on-job training in 2 months with real projects and focusing on:

  • Requirements analysis & customer consultant skills
  • Practical programming skill
  • Scrum/Agile software development processes & practices
  • English skills
  • Soft skills: teamwork, presentation, communication, problem solving…

– The students also receive attractive benefits:

  • Working in international and professional working environment with the 1st-class infrastructures
  • Participating in company events and team building activities
  • Joining sport clubs such as football, badminton…

– In addition, the students who have outstanding performances in the internship will be considered to be Axon staff.


Interns are presenting about the project idea to the BOM

Two Axon trainers – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Yen Tung (Head of Department) and Mr. Hoang Nhac Trung (Education Manager) – guided & mentored the students throughout the program. They also got the supports from experienced developers and experts from Axon’s offshore teams about technical and working skills. Moreover, the CEO – Mr. Markus Baur and Da Nang Branch Manager – Dang Ngoc Hai regularly attended the weekly product’s demonstration meeting to review and give advices for their product.

On December 30, 2014, their application: was officially launched, and it was also the internship graduation of 14 talent students. At the ceremony, there were Boards of Management and over 130 staff of Axon Active Vietnam at Da Nang branch; dean and lectures from Universities and 36 last-year students of IT Faculty, Da Nang University of Technology. The interns confidently introduced their product and the process of developing applications with the impressive presentation and English skills. They also invited all attendees using their application as demonstration.

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Thanh Binh – Head of IT Faculty, Da Nang University of Technology said that he is very impressed and proud of what the students achieved. He also stressed that the most significant thing is the knowledge, professional skills that interns learned in last 2 months.

With the commendable results, the Axon’s CEO – Mr. Markus Baur sent his praise to them, although he was very sorry that he couldn’t join the ceremony because of his business trip in San Francisco, USA.

Lectures and students in the launching ceremony:


Assoc. Prof. PhD. Nguyen Thanh Binh – Dean of IT Faculty, Da Nang University of Technology is giving speech at the ceremony

The interns are very excited and proud of the achievements, some of them cheerfully share:

Tran-Trong-Nhan “The internship at Axon Active Vietnam is a very valuable experience. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity. Accessing to a professional working environment with advanced software development process has given me a great chance to develop my thinking, attitude & skills to become a true software engineer. Another great thing is that I joined in a circle of product development, from the first steps in building product ideas to launching the application. Even though there were certain pressures, but it brought to me more knowledge, experience and passion which are helpful for my future career.”

Tran Trong Nhan, Faculty of Informatics, Da Nang University of Pedagogy.

Van-Quoc-Nguyen_Axon's staff “The internship has given me so many valuable things. From the very first days working at the company, I am still tentative with new things and now I have got quite a lot of experience and skills of a developer so far. I not only develop on skills and ways of working, I also have a chance meeting with eleven new people (except 2 classmates). They help me a lot and bring me unforgettable memories. Besides that, the enthusiasm of Mr. Trung and Mr. Tung who take care and teach us like brothers so that we are more mature day by day. Thank you both of you, thank you eleven brothers, thank you Axon Active Viet Nam.”

Van Quoc Nguyen, IT Advanced Program, Faculty of International Education, Duy Tan University.

Tran-Xuan-Khue_Axon's intern

“More mature. That’s what I feel after this wonderful internship. Two months ago, I am a new intern who is afraid of everything, lack of confidence, and be worry that whether I could do a good job in the professional working environment. Gradually I realized the difficulties still exist, but with the effort and the help of friends here I could do much better, be more confident, have better communication, recognize and solve the problems better. There are still so much things to learn. Wonderful!”

Tran Xuan Khue, IT department, Da Nang University of Technology.


Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai – Da Nang Branch Manager delivers certificates to the graduates

Based on excellent performances in the internship program, 8 interns were proposed to extend their contracts and officially became Axon staff. This young talent team will be continuously trained in a Junior Class in 6 months before joining in offshore teams and working directly with the international customers.


8 interns were proposed to officially become Axon staff

On the ceremony, thirty six last-year students of the High Quality Program from IT department, Da Nang University of Technology were awarded certificate of completion of Scrum course. The ten sessions course included the theory and practices which was taught by Axon’s CIO – Mr. Sebastian Sussmann and Da Nang Branch Manager – Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai. With knowledge getting from the course, students are more confident and ready to work in the real environment.


Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh and Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai deliver Scrum course’s Certificate for students


Mr. Tran The Vu and Mr. Dang Ngoc Hai deliver Scrum course’s certificate for the students

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