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‘FIT for Scrum’ HCM 2013

‘FIT FOR SCRUM’ course at Axon Active Vietnam

  • Time: 4 evenings, from 18.00 – 21.00, On 15, 17, 22, and 24 Jan 2013

  • Place: Axon Active Vietnam Co., office

Course goal:

  • This course is optimized for software development projects.

  • After this course, you will have the confidence to join and work easily within a Scrum team.

  • A course certificate will also be given.

Who can join:

  • Developers that wish to know more about scrum or plan to join a Scrum Team in the near future.

  • So the course is designed for all kinds of current and future Scrum-Team-Members.


  • Experience in software development interest in Scrum and a desire to work within agile projects.

  • An open mind for seeking and recognizing new ways of doing things.

Course topic:

  • Scrum overview

  • History

  • Scrum vs. waterfall

  • Self-managing

  • Scrum values

  • The team

  • Scrum master role

  • The product owner and product backlog

  • Sprint planning and sprint backlogs

  • Scrum meetings

  • Daily scrum

  • Retrospectives

  • Impediments

  • What means done

  • technical practices

  • Planning poker

  • Agile manifesto

  • Scaling Scrum

  • Continuous improvement

‘FIT for Scrum’ HCM 2013
‘FIT for Scrum’ HCM 2013


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