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Software development with Axon Active - Top Company in Vietnam

GoodFirms recommends Axon Active as a top Agile Software Development company. This article aims to offer readers comprehensive information about Axon Active's services and why they are recommended.

From the Ground Up

Axon Active Vietnam was founded in 2008 in Ho Chi Minh City and is 100% Swiss owned by Axon Active Holding AG based in Lucerne.

Axon Active Vietnam excels in delivering customized Offshore Development and Testing Teams that perfectly align with their customer's goals of driving innovation through emerging technologies or efficiently and securely scaling up their IT capacity. They aspire to be more than just an outsourcing vendor. Their primary focus is fostering a long-term partnership where they are fully committed to the customer's sustainable business growth, resulting in mutually beneficial cooperation.

As a 100% Swiss-owned company with a Swiss management team, they bring together the best of both worlds by combining Swiss expertise and quality with the talents and resources of Vietnam. This demonstrates their services backed by a deep understanding of the local market and culture.

Axon Active's software development services cover a wide range of technologies and domains. They have expertise in areas such as web and mobile application development, cloud computing, big data analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, and more. Their team of skilled software engineers, designers, and testers work collaboratively to deliver innovative and tailored solutions to meet their client's specific needs.

One key factor that sets Axon Active apart is their agile approach to software development. They embrace Agile methodologies and practices, such as Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps, to ensure efficient and flexible project management on customer’s side with the customer’s Product Owner. This allows customers to adapt quickly to changing requirements and deliver high-quality software within shorter timeframes.

Nowadays, with AI and more available data, data protection and security are getting more and more important. As a Swiss-owned Company, they are committed to Data protection as Switzerland is known for its high level of protection recognized by European Countries and compliant with the GDPR. This is also proved by the German Company TÜV Rheinland as a well know professional audit company certified that Axon Active follow ISO 27001 standard.

Furthermore, as Axon Active hires engineers, especially for the customer, this ensures that the software they deliver is reliable, secure, and meets the highest standards of quality.

In addition to their technical expertise, Axon Active is also known for their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They actively support various community initiatives and strive to minimize their environmental impact through green practices.

Overall, Axon Active stands out as a top software development company in Vietnam due to their customer-centric approach, Swiss-quality standards, extensive technological expertise, and commitment to long-term partnerships. Whether it's developing cutting-edge applications or scaling up IT capacity, Axon Active is a trusted partner for businesses looking to drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

GoodFirms' reviewers and researchers have recognized Axon Active as a reliable offshore and outsourcing software development company and awarded them as one of Vietnam's top software development companies

The seven main software development services of Axon Active.

1. Dedicated Development Team

Provide a long-term stable team where you can work directly with every expert to cover the whole software cycle, from designing to creating, testing, and supporting your product system. As the customer needs, they will hire the right Software development team, Tester, UI/UX, DevOps, Architects or Designer. The Clients will get the right team for the needed skills; it does not matter whether the customer is an enterprise or tech startup company that needs the service for custom software development, extending current software, maintenance or solving problems with legacy systems.

2. Project Management and Consulting

This includes agile planning, research, strategy, and implementation, everything customized based on the customer's needs.

3. ICT and DevOps for Cloud Computing

Every company is nowadays already an IT company and needs security, and IT experts, and Axon Active experts can help the customer to run, maintain, and support their cloud infrastructure. This is done with the minimum amount of investment and the maximum availability and security.

4. Coaching and Training service

This will help the customer to become agile and improve quality and business value so that they can win with Scrum or other agile and scalable models and methods.

5. Dedicated Product Owner or Business Analyst as a service

They provide a committed person who takes charge of the Product that is needed for an Agile project to go well and to get a high-performing Scrum team.

6. Architecture and Security Consulting

A good business idea needs a solid technological foundation and the right amount of protection for the business. Axon Active can help you make the right choice; they have a lot of experience, especially in the FinTech industry.

7. Supervised Proof of Concept as a service

How to determine if a business concept is viable? Axon Active can test your idea quickly and with less risk with a prototype, MVP, or POC.

Why Choose Axon Active for software development?


Axon Active is a Swiss-owned company with a Swiss management team, and work ethics, quality and reliability are parts of their DNA.

Handpicked Skillsets

Intentionally, they do not maintain a pool of software engineers waiting to join your team. Instead, their team members are hired and handpicked based on the specific needs of their clients.

Pure Dedicated Teams

They exclusively focus on ODC (Offshore Development Center) and do not engage in project-based arrangements at all. This ensures that your team members will never be prioritized for other projects over yours.

Top-notch Infrastructure

Their working environment adheres to modern European standards, ensuring top-notch cybersecurity and data privacy measures are in place.

Talent Pool Access

They have a 15-year track record as a stable and reliable employer ( They have strong and enduring partnerships with over ten prestigious universities in Vietnam and invest a lot in their education program ( They are very active in the IT community as DevDay, one of the biggest IT events in Vietnam (, and Agile community ( All of this enables them to have quick access to the talent pool and tap into exceptional candidates with diverse skill sets.

True Agile Follower

Axon Active is a true Agile follower. All their teams are Agile-based teams with more than 40 Scrum Masters (CSM), or Product Owners (CSPO) certified by Scrum Alliance.

As communication is always key in Software development, they took all their experience together and successfully developed the Axon Model™ with their customers. This unique model helps to reduce friction costs in outsourcing and communication between the Customers and software developers in offshore development. (

Vietnam as a prominent location for software development

Vietnam has emerged as a prominent location for software development and is recognized for its large pool of qualified software developers and high-ranked universities in the field of technology.

Abundance of skilled software developers

Vietnam has a rapidly growing tech industry and a large number of highly skilled software developers. The country has been training and producing software engineers to meet the growing demand for tech talent.

Competitive technical education

Vietnam has several high-ranked universities and technical institutes that offer top-notch computer science and software engineering programs. These institutions provide a strong foundation in programming languages, software development methodologies, and other related subjects.

Overall, Vietnam offers a conducive environment for software development with its skilled workforce, strong technical education system, English proficiency, cost advantage, and growing startup ecosystem. These factors contribute to its reputation as a location with a significant number of qualified software developers and high-ranked universities.

Customers' experience with software development

Customer satisfaction is one of Axon Active's top priorities. They have successfully served a wide range of clients from various industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. Some of their notable clients include international corporations, startups, and government organizations.

Their client-centric approach with the Axon Model™ ensures the team understands the unique needs and requirements. Axon Active has built long-term relationships with their clients by providing dedicated teams and personalized solutions, resulting in repeat business and positive referrals.

Whether it's developing complex enterprise applications, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or providing ongoing support and maintenance, Axon Active is dedicated to helping their clients achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively. They strive to be a valuable asset to their clients, contributing to their success and growth in the digital age.

The below-mentioned client reviews prove that Axon Active has all the abilities and capabilities to deliver top-notch and reliable software solutions with outstanding customer service.

“The engagement extended the company's legacy lifecycle through continuous maintenance. Axon Active establishes a smooth workflow, adhering to requirements set by the client. The team is adaptable, dedicated, and knowledgeable.” - Mr. Mo. Almezaiyin, CTO
"They also bring in new ideas on how the software could be developed in a better way. I appreciate that they think about it and really have the goal of developing a good product, which is very important to Soreco and our customers." - Ms. Alexandra Reich, Product Owner

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Insurance firms like Die Mobiliar, which is the oldest private Swiss insurance company in Switzerland, as well as Swiss Post, have found success with Axon Active's services. Additionally, also with financial technology companies and banking institutions, such as Valiant, Bernerland Bank, ACB, CRIF, and KLARA, to name a few examples, have been working successfully with Axon Active for many years.


Business agility is highly recommended for rapid, consistent, and sophisticated innovation, which is necessary for the transformation in this digital age. Axon Active provides commendable offshore and outsourcing with other related IT solutions, making them the most in-demand software development company worldwide.

In addition to their commitment to Agile practices, quality and security, Axon Active places a high priority on client satisfaction. They have successfully served clients from various industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. From multinational corporations to startups and government organizations, Axon Active understands the unique needs of each client and provides dedicated teams and personalized solutions to meet those needs. This client-centric approach has resulted in long-term relationships, repeat business and positive referrals.

Whether it's developing complex enterprise applications, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or providing ongoing support and maintenance, Axon Active is dedicated to helping their clients achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively. 

In conclusion, in this digital age where rapid and sophisticated innovation is crucial, Axon Active stands out as a highly recommended software development company. Their business agility, offshore and outsourcing capabilities, and client-centric approach make them a sought-after partner for companies worldwide. By continuing to prioritize client satisfaction and invest in top talent, Axon Active remains at the forefront of the IT industry, driving transformation and success for their clients.

“Axon Active's has a great business value with the philosophy “We do what we say, we say what we do” is what they truly follow when it comes to providing excellent software solutions" - GoodFirms

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