Big Data

Win the competition with the right information 

Close the skills gap by adding engineers with Big Data expertise

Our offshore Big Data development service helps you fill the competence gap with the essential skills that your in-house team is missing. Your outsourced Big Data development team can start with 5 engineers, qualifying our strict recruitment standards and matched to your requirements. With more than 10 years of experience in offshore outsourcing service, we have successfully built and delivered Big Data projects to corporations in finance, banking, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, advertising, etc.

Our flexible offshore center models allow you to customize your offshore Big Data development team with only the skills that you need. Check out all available offshore center options.

Why are we an ideal outsourcing partner for your Big Data development?

  • Our dedicated offshore Big Data development teams are 100% agile
  • Inherit working culture from Axon Active Group, leading Swiss IT provider
  • 100% communication is in English
  • Team-based outsourcing model allows the team to fully commit to your project
  • High-end and secured IT network infrastructure
  • Full ownership and control of your offshore development teams
  • Team is customized and scalable to give you extra flexibility
  • Onshore Big data development engineers and data analysts are available on request
  • Exclusive premium ICT services are attached to support your internal system
  • Scrum team work is absolutely transparent to increase trust and efficiency

Our skills and Expertise

Big Data platforms
  • Analytics Database
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Multi-structured Data
  • Data Ingestion and Integration
  • Data Fabric Implement
  • Back End Programming & Testing
Big Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Modelling
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistics and Machine learning
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting
  • Text Analytics
Big Data Applications
  • Fraud Management
  • Demand Signal Management
  • Sales Insights for retail
  • Customer Relationship Management

offshore Big Data development - Win the competition with the right information

Optimum Technologies and infrastructure to leverage data protection

At Axon Active, the outsourced Big Data development teams apply secured versions of open-source technologies such as Apache Accumulo and .20.20x version of Hadoop to address security. With experience in Apache Accumulo, we can also help you create a role-based access control or authorization to enhance security for NoSQL database. Our skillful security engineers continuously implement and audit Apache Oozie logging technologies to enhance the safety of your data workflow schedule in both Hadoop and Spark.

Your offshore Big Data development team will employ cutting-edge automation frameworks such as Puppet, RedwoodHQ or Serenity. While the functional structure and integrated security solutions are built by your development team, our ICT department works on a daily basis to ensure the hardware, network and other relevant infrastructure meet the security requirement, to minimize threats to the development of your Big Data software.

Our experience helps you choose the right platform for Big Data Management

There are many types of Big Data platforms to consider, including relational DBMSs, Hadoop, NoSQL, DBMSs, columnar DBMS, data appliances and other engineered systems. Choosing the right Big Data platform to support your Big Data Management requirements is extremely important because each platform has their unique functions such as in-memory processing, in-database analytics, complex event processing, MapReduce, and robust interfaces to other data platforms.

Our well versed outsourced Big Data developers and software engineers will help you evaluate and design the appropriate platform for your organization and business needs. We are experts in leading Big Data and BI platforms, such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, GreenPlum, Tableau, Vertica, Exadata and Teradata.

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Projects employing this expertise
Projects employing this expertise

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Recommend for

  • Business wishes to increase team’s capacity and expertise in a short time
  • Business has developed idea for a new software product but do not have sufficient capability to execute it in-house
  • Business likes to start the software project without having to invest an enormous fixed budget in infrastructure and facility.
Recommend for

  • Business wants to establish their own software development organization or R&D center in Vietnam, but has no desire to manage the administrative, legal, recruitment procedures as well as property and facility
  • Business wishes to outsource multiple projects or have more than 10 teams working simultaneously.
Recommend for

  • Business needs the highest level of security and confidentiality for their software development projects
  • Business requires development team to commit to strict security regulations as well as disclosure agreement
  • Business requires team members to be certified for ISO 2701.
What’s included?

Exclusive team(s), starting with at least 4 team members and 1 team leader with specific skill sets to ensure the right match with your technical and business needs and maximize the output of your offshore development investment.

What’s included?

Branded presence with a prestigious address in Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang or Can Tho. Infrastructure, human resources, legal and regulations set up. Daily operation management.

What’s included?

A dedicated team operating with complete physical separation from other Axon Active ODC’s and are contractually obliged to keep all projects strictly confidential to ensure the protection of your company and proprietary information.

Your benefits

When working with a talented, motivated Scrum team, you can focus on the business needs, ROI and vision, while letting the team handle the detailed design and technical implementation of the product.

Your benefits

We can help you reduce your initial system setup cost in terms of real estate, hardware, software and manpower. Our ODC allows you to achieve your goals at a fraction of the market cost and still obtain the expertise and quality needed to set up a highly effective organization. By using our fully established infrastructure and resources, you can bring products and services to the market faster and more efficiently.

Your benefits

Your projects and engagements are maintained with complete security and privacy.