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Address key challenge in Fintech with the right development model

For existing banking and financial institutes that are actively looking forward to Fintech innovation and Fintech startups, it requires a very particular set of technical skills and people who understand the complexities of the market well enough to build an appropriate product in compliance with regulations and user expectations, which makes hiring for Fintech development more difficult.

We provide the perfect technical match to your financial analyst team, help you establish a complete offshore Fintech development team and move faster to product development. At Axon Active, you can access to big pool of engineer talents and freely pick the right ones for your development team. The selected engineers will have a particular skillset that you need and work exclusively for your company. An outsourced team often starts with 5 software engineers, however you are entitled to customize and scale your team as your project happens. We also supply workspace and tech facility for your team, as well as any tools they need to start developing.

Nothing’s better than having your own offshore Fintech development team

  • Absolute concentration – your team delivers 100% effort to your project.
  • Full control – you are 100% entitled to control and manage the team members.
  • Higher scalability – you are able to reduce or increase size and skillsets of the team quickly and easily.
  • Shorter time-to-market – deep understanding of the project helps the team increase speed and efficiency in development.
  • Flexibility in scope of work – there is no limitation in the team’s scope of work.

An offshore fintech development team is working.

Why Axon Active is the right Fintech development partner for you?

  • Owned and managed by Axon Group, leading IT provider in Switzerland
  • Fast access to talent pool without any cost of hiring and training
  • High flexibility to reduce or increase the team size and work
  • High quality network infrastructure to ease distant communication
  • 100% English working environment
  • High level of transparency in Scrum team work
  • Exclusive premium ICT services for clients
  • Exclusive Agile/ Scrum coaching services for clients
  • Onshore Fintech development team available upon request
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Address key challenges in Fintech with the right development model

Fintech is the most dynamic and fast growing sector of the financial industry and there are many challenges for business stepping into this revolution.
PwC’s Fintech report (2017) identifies 3 top rising challenges while working with Fintech:

  • Differences in business models
  • Regulatory uncertainty
  • IT compatibility

These are also areas where Fintech companies spend most of their resources to optimize, which usually leads them to a situation where there is not sufficient resources left to improve their software product quality.
The report also indicates a 20% of new Fintech businesses have already outsourced their development process while another 65% are expecting to do so in the future. These companies have proven a more efficient way to operate since offshore Fintech development allows them to address all the above challenges. The outsourcing engineer team focuses on improving product functionality and quality, allowing their in-house department to take care of the business modeling and deal with regulation.

Offshore Fintech development team helps shorten your time-to-market

You might have a great idea and excellent sense of the financial market, but we have greater expertise in technical perspective. The fact that we are more specialized in technology and tool is only a complementary to turn your idea into reality and bring it to the market. Recruiting a new team is also possible but it would cost you time, managing effort and therefore it is not a favorable scenario for your business.
We know which combination of tool and methodology will reduce your development time, and we are competent to enable best practices to speed up your project. See below for a sneak peek of our high-quality pre-built software components such as:

Industry specific libraries

  • Digital Lending
  • Payments
  • Blockchain and digital wealth management

Pre-built APIs

  • Axon Ivy Public API
  • The Java Rule Engine API
  • GUI APIs


  • Axon Ivy
  • Rule Engine
  • GUI Framework

Build not just a top-notch software but a right product for the market

Getting feedback on time and continuously is a necessary challenge to any Fintech business. You do not want to release a perfect software that users do not need and only find out their feedback after the first release. The product must be optimized and tested for UX, UI and functionality during development and thus, constant feedback is the key to success for Fintech software.
At Axon Active, we have been helping many Fintech companies successfully build the right product with Scrum framework. Scrum requires a close collaboration between development team and your in-house team. Both sides work together on a daily basis to design an appropriate product. Those who have financial background are responsible for supply useful insights, industry knowledge to the team, while offshore Fintech development engineers advise the team of what could be executed from a technical perspective.
An obvious advantage of Scrum is that the development could breakdown development phases into smaller sprints, in which they have to deliver a shippable product. The team is able to get early feedback from market analysts, bankers and experts in financial industry to make necessary adjustments. This works well in the case of any changes in the market, the development can easily cope with them and catch up with the trend faster. Scrum also helps you estimate the delivery time, so that you can make suitable marketing plan for the product. With 10-year experience of applying Agile thoroughly in our software development services, our development teams are trained and expert to work with Scrum immediately and effectively.

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