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Axon Active Foobar Day

Axon Active Foobar Day
Axon Active Foobar Day

We’ve had an interesting Foobar Day on the Feb 22, 2012. It’s the first time that Axon Active Vietnam organized this event. The staff are mixed among teams and encouraged to share the idea about their team topics related to IT and software development.

There are many real and hot topics such as “cloud computing”, “grails”, “get a trusted and real weather forecast for Vietnam”, “Spring Roo and Tapestry”, etc. being exchanged and developed in the event. It’s the chance that our staff work and share the knowledge and experience among teams.

As feedback from majority of our staff, they all like the event since they can have more opportunities to know about the new technologies, to discuss with other teams about the new topics compared with their normal days. And it’s really a good way in improving and exchange knowledge inside the company. Especially, we can build a better relationship with members from other teams.

In short, Axon Active staff appreciates very much this event. We look forward to having another Foobar day in the near future.


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