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Why you need DevOps in software development?

There are few reasons for companies to start considering DevOps in software development. You might have two (or more) independent departments working on software development and IT infrastructure, just like the majority of companies in the world. These two teams, when working separately, create some bottlenecks in daily operation of your business, such as:

  • Development team is unaware of what could stop their software from working as anticipated after implemented in the system,

  • QA and Operation teams have minimal awareness of the business purpose and value of the software,

  • Each team sometimes has opposing objectives, which leads to inefficiency and responsibility when something goes wrong.

DevOps addresses the above issue by breaking down the barriers and removing bottlenecks existing among development, QA and operation teams, such as project budget, application performance and functional requirements. DevOps is a further enhancement of Agile software development, which allows different teams to work closely with the others and align objectives.

A DevOps approach requires changes in mindset and working culture of a business, based on the fundamental values of the Agile manifesto, but with a broader view of overall service or software fully delivered to end-users instead of solely software development. DevOps in software development could help you:

  • Shorten development cycles

  • Prevent deployment failures and reduce time to recover

  • Improve communication and align objectives among team members

  • Enhance collaboration among different teams within the process

  • Increase software development efficiency

  • Lower your development cost

How Axon Active’s pilot Agile team helps you approach DevOps?

We have been helping our clients to transform their software development to Agile for the last 10 years. Each of our engineers has a strong agile mindset and a clear focus on client’s agility. You can begin your way to Agile today with one pilot Agile team. Our engineers work closely with operation teams on client’s side to ensure a stable approach to DevOps, as well as gradually help them to understand the big idea behind Agile methodology and what it can achieve.

We can help you transform your business to DevOps and Agile with a customized Agile journey that is suitable for your company. Some common approaches include:

  • Establish a Scrum/ Kanban/ Agile team with strong DevOps expertise to work closely with your operation team.

  • Use DevOps facilitating tools like automation scripts, configuration management (puppet, chef, ansible, cfengine), monitoring and virtualization (AWS, OpenStack, vagrant, Docker), etc.

  • Recruit new specific role who will be responsible to gap the bridge between dev and ops and to facilitate the automation and collaboration.


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