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Software Developer Training for Non-IT (2022)

Professional Software Developer Class
Professional Software Developer Class

IT is one of the hottest industries in the past 20 years in Vietnam. Not only that, the recruitment demand of the IT industry is increasing rapidly, even during the pandemic, the recruitment needs of the IT industry have not changed, and many businesses switch to remote working model.

Axon Active is pleased to start an IT training course exclusively for “non-IT”. Regardless of your field, current IT level, or age, if you have a passion for the IT industry, along with good English communication skills, Axon Active will support 100% of the tuition fees for this 6-month course.

The detailed curriculum is compiled by experienced instructors. During the studying and practice, you will get direct support from Axon Active’s team of senior developers. Not only that, learn the current best practices in programming in modern office, beefy devices, and international working environment.

Check out our upcoming training:


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