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Xpert.Ivy knocks out SAP and Adobe

Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (Fraunhofer IESE) – the famous German institute transfers innovative software development techniques, methods and tools into industrial practices – published a research on 55 different business process management engines (BPM). The research is based on 146 requirements. Finally 9 famous software companies such as Adobe, SAP, BOSH SI, Axon Active… are parts of this scrutiny and agree with the report.

The chart shows the practice experiences and the comfort of the BPM engines

Xpert.Ivy knocks out SAP and Adobe
Xpert.Ivy knocks out SAP and Adobe

According to the report, BOSCH SI gains the highest ranking of Powerfulness, BIZAGI takes the best ranking of User Comfort. And Axon Active with the product naming Xpert.Ivy reaches the best overall mixes of both Powerfulness & User Comfort – far ahead of SAP, the leader in business software solutions

Xpert.Ivy is a web-based BPM solution which is mainly developed by Soreco AG (a part of AXON ACTIVE Holding). The solution is also developed in Axon Active Vietnam.

For more information about Xpert.Ivy please click here.

The full Research is available at here.


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