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AI adoption is going to get bigger these coming years, as 62% of enterprises expect to use AI (Narrative Science, 2016). Companies could apply different AI technologies, for example machine and deep learning, recommendation engines, predictive and prescriptive analytics, automated written reporting and communications, and voice recognition and response, to reduce labor cost and increase work efficiency. But AI adoption requires emerging technologies, including Big Data, cloud, IoT… and specialized engineers. Developing AI technology in-house presents big challenge for business, especially small-medium enterprises, and non-tech companies, as the majority cannot afford to own the prerequisite technologies and sufficient AI specialists.

At Axon Active, our ultimate goal is providing business necessary elements to build your AI capabilities. Established in 2008, we have strong and broad expertise in Big Data, Cloud, IoT and other technology needed to supplement your AI development. We offer high quality and professional offshore Artificial Intelligence development team , who is capable to work with different technologies, including Big Data, IoT, Cloud and work exclusively for your company. Our offshore Artificial Intelligence development team starts with 5 engineers and is customizable as your workload increases. We also supply workspace and tech facility for your team, as well as any tools they need to start developing. This is a perfect solution to your efficiency question, helping you move forward faster to development.

Nothing’s better than having your own offshore development team

  • Absolute concentration – your offshore Artificial Intelligence development team deliver 100% effort to your project.
  • Full control – you are 100% entitled to control and manage the team members.
  • Higher scalability – you are able to reduce or increase size and skillsets of the team quickly and easily.
  • Shorter time-to-market – deep understanding of the project helps the team increase speed and efficiency in development.
  • Flexibility in scope of work – there is no limitation in the team’s scope of work.

Why Axon Active is the right AI development partner for you?

  • Owned and managed by Axon Group, leading IT provider in Switzerland
  • Fast access to talent pool without any cost of hiring and training
  • High flexibility to reduce or increase the Artificial Intelligence development team size and work
  • High quality network infrastructure to ease distant communication
  • 100% English working environment
  • High level of transparency in Scrum team work
  • Exclusive premium ICT services for clients
  • Exclusive Agile/ Scrum coaching services for clients
  • Onshore team available upon request
offshore outsource AI development team

Building in-house AI technologies is expensive

There isn’t enough AI talents to fill quickly arising demand. The scarcity of experts with technical skills and an understanding of the business landscape translates into high wages and churn for AI experts, which makes it hard for companies to afford the right level of Artificial Intelligence development talents. Cost of an AI-specialized development team could also escalate over a long development period of AI projects or in the event where you needs to scale up your development team. All these unforeseen factors make AI outsourcing a more cost-efficient option for business.

In addition, small-medium enterprises and non-tech companies that decide to adopt AI still face challenges from costs associated with emerging technologies, such as Big Data, IoT, Cloud services, or even new infrastructure… which are usually high fixed costs. It makes more sense for these businesses to look for outsourcing partners like Axon Active, where they can leverage these types of infrastructure assets.

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