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Dedicated offshore business intelligence development team produces custom solutions

Axon Active provides you the resources you need to start your BI project, including a development team, modern workspace and any necessary tools for your project. The offshore business intelligence development team is open to customization and will work exclusively for your company, as a perfect add-on to your existing in-house team.

Axon Active provides full technical and working methodology training as well as daily administrative services. To have a more detail overview of what we offer, check out our ODC service models.

Why Axon Active should be your offshore software development provider?

  • Our dedicated offshore teams are 100% agile
  • Subsidiary of Axon Active Group, Swiss leading IT service provider
  • Fast access to talent pool without training and administrative hassle
  • Strict recruitment standards for engineers
  • State-of-the-art facility to support distant communication
  • 100% English working environment
  • Transparent and easy monitored teams
  • Well-designed Scrum working process
  • Onshore software engineers and data analysts are available on request
  • Exclusive premium ICT Services for existing clients
  • Exclusive Agile/Scrum coaching services for clients

Software development with a focus on business outcomes

Your goal is the team’s first priority. Our ambition does not stop at developing cutting-edge software but growing with partnered business. We ensure the development works towards effective solution that could bring you value and help you achieve your goal. The offshore business intelligence development team builds business intelligence software under different circumstances such as market characteristics, customer focus, economic value, etc.

offshore business intelligence development team
We help you develop an efficient Business Information system utilizing our expertise in the following fields:
  • Key performance metrics
  • BI platform options
  • Information access methods: scorecards, dashboards, data cubes for analysis, and report processing
  • Business data dimensions: defining and understanding the key metrics developed with the business users and performance indicators that are relevant to your business

An Agile working methodology that brings you benefits

With years of working with international partners, we learn that working process holds an essential role in the outcome of a project. Depending on the characteristics of your organization, we will advise an efficient and effective working methodology based on Agile approach that could add value to your business. Apart from providing extra flexibility when it comes to changes comparing to traditional methods, Agile working process also enhances collaboration between team members and contributes to quality improvements.

80% of our existing development teams are using Scrum, which is preferred by clients since it promotes continuous delivery and saves space for adjustments during development cycle. Kanban and XP are also in our practice.

Broad expertise in different tools give you the best options

In addition to wide experience in working across various platforms, we also have rich, reliable, and latest tools and technologies to build effective frame for customer-centric solutions such as:

BI Platform:
  • Cognos (IBM)
  • Business Objects (SAP)
  • Microsoft
DBMS (Database Management System):
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Neo4j

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Projects employing this expertise

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