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We provide you an exclusive offshore mobile app development team, which you can customize to fit your requirement and budget. While you completely focus on building a business plan for an upcoming product, we manage recruitment, mobile app development training, and administration for your new development team, as well as provide them the facilities to perform the job. As the only client of the team, you are entitled to full ownership and control of your people, inclusive of the source code, design, and knowledge gained while developing your mobile application.

Why you should develop your mobile app at Axon Active?

  • Quick access to talent pool without administrative hassle
  • Team-base offshore model means the teams fully concentrate on your project
  • Ample experience in agile working and Scrum
  • 100% of engineers are proficient in English
  • Maximum project transparency with Agile and other monitoring tools
  • Certified ISO 27001 in information security management
  • Inherit working culture from Axon Active Group, leading Swiss IT provider
  • High-end networking facilities for effective virtual communications
  • Rich portfolio and insights in offshore mobile appl development for various industries

Full software development lifecycle services

Full offshore mobile app development lifecycle services: consulting - designing - developing - testing - maintaining


We look closely at your existing resources and working process to create an efficient plan for your outsourcing mobile app development project that will reduce your development time and increase your business value.


You will bring product vision to the team, shaping their design and code. The engineer team will advise you from a technical perspective on what functionality is possible and what needs to be improved in order for the app to work well and fit user insights.


The offshore mobile app development team follows Scrum to ensure excellent quality of the final product by early testing and continuous delivery. They will implement UI/UX design, server, databases, APIs, and storage solutions according to plan and constantly make necessary adjustments.


The test team will apply different testing approaches to ensure product quality and cost-efficiency. We ensure high performance and excellent user experience by performing testing from the beginning of the development cycle and continuously throughout later phases.


Our development team provides continuous support upon request. We follow the journey of the app and take essential actions to keep the products at top quality, including frequent updates, bug fixes, adding new features, and periodic system maintenance.

If you need storage for your data, check out our ICT services, exclusive for our clients.

Find the right engineers for your project faster

Strict recruitment process helps you select the offshore mobile app development talents from the pool and ensure hired outsourced engineers own the skills you require. Our recruiters have access to talent with various skills to satisfy different project requirements, from native app to cross-platform or hybrid mobile applications.

Our versatile experience in offshore mobile app development allows us to support our clients and their business regardless of which industry they belong. We have broad knowledge and hands-on experience in delivering innovative and user-friendly mobile applications in Banking, Finance, Media & Entertainment, Enterprise Mobile Application, Wearables, IoT, Human Resources, and Healthcare. Committing to innovative technology, our R&D department is constantly on the lookout for new and emerging technologies in Fintech, Biotech, Big Data, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence to broaden our expertise.

Get more flexibility with full-stack developers

For startups and small businesses with limited capital, investing in a diversified onshore IT team could be financially painful. With our offshore outsourcing services, you can opt for full-stack mobile app developers who can work on both front-end and back-end. Our full-stack team, with ability to handle issues and integration across all the application layers, allows your business to utilize time better and alleviates the cost to hire both a specialized front-end and a separate back-end developer.

Our expertise

Native Apps
Android App
Microsoft Win Phone App
Media and Communication

Apple Pay and NFC Integration
Bluetooth and iBeacon Integration

Cross-platform/Hybrid/Cloud-based apps

Objective-C, Cocoa, OpenGL, SQLLite
Java, OpenGL, RenderScript
C#, Silverlight, XNA
JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Swift
HTML5, Webkit, PhoneGap, Titanium.

Mobile app server

Mobile App Server Development
Mobile App Integration to 3rd Party APIs

Wearables and IoT

SmartTV, Pebble, watchOS, Wear OS

Flexible agile approaches in app development drives economic values

Strategic Continuous delivery with Scrum

With years of experience in Agile software development and Scrum coaching, we are confident to ensure a continuous delivery after every sprint. Your offshore mobile app development team will start building software with a minimum set of features in 2-4 week sprint and test it with early users to get feedback and make any necessary adjustments. Development team can detect errors at an early stage when they are easier and cheaper to fix and ensure that each implementation is always at the highest quality.

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Test first to improve mobile app performance

Early testing is crucial to ensure high performance and quality of your mobile application in extremely competitive landscape. This allows you to identify defects earlier in the process which is less expensive and easier to fix; as well as to determine if the application will be able to run successfully for a sustained amount of time under heavy load and stress tests.

At Axon Active, the offshore mobile app development team follows approaches like BDD, ADD, or ATDD, which promote early testing to develop your software, covering a full test array, from manual to automation testing on both of your software and hardware.

Exclusive offshore mobile app development team which you can customize to fit your requirements and budget

Robust Solutions for Effective Security and Privacy of Your Data

Insecure data storage, transmission, and privacy violation weaknesses are huge challenges for every business when it comes to mobile application development. At Axon Active, we have applied cutting-edge technologies and methods to enhance your app data security and privacy.

Secure and scalable data servers

Data servers such as Realm Mobile Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Cloud Platform, and iCloud Storage have lots of built-in security features such as sandbox, data back-up, and multi-layer firewall protection to strongly against cyber-attack, buffer, integer overflow attacks and provide segregated memory areas for program instructions and data.

Safe data transmission solutions

We only use safe data transmission solutions including HTTPS, Firebase Cloud Messaging, ProGuard, and App Transport Security, which help secure your app network communication through always-encryption and cryptographic protocols and ensure your mobile app connect to the right server through a trusted certificate APIs.

Focus on data privacy

Our system files are encrypted to protect your data. High-end privacy setting technologies such as Keychain, user-granted permission, and system-defined permission will restrict access to your system features and user sensitive data such as passwords, personal information, and credit card number.

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