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Axon Active teams won “E.ON Navigator’s Award 2014”

We are very honored and happy to announce that our Axon teams won “E.ON Navigator’s Award 2014” – the prize of “excellent cooperation between EON and a partner”. This prize is awarded on a yearly basis to outstanding projects. And this year, it delivered to Axon teams for “EGC Orders Management” project which is responsible for all IT requests of round about 1600 employees at EGC.

Axon Active teams won “E.ON Navigator’s Award 2014”

Mr. Jörg Koletzki – CEO of E.ON Business Services – highlighted in his speech the innovative Agile approach in combination with local teams and off-shore teams in Vietnam. In total, this lead to the outstanding project result.

Mr. Carsten Klingels – Head of Digital Solutions of E.ON Business Services – commended that: “Our provider Axon Active had an important part in the project’s success. The Delivery Head Timo Rupp provided not only excellent technical skills to the project. Moreover, he facilitated with his external expertise the design and implementation of the user portal as well as the Business Administration Cockpit. In his role as Delivery Head, Timo Rupp was the direct contact person for the project leader for the complete requirements management and development specification regarding the Vietnam Development factor. His extraordinary and individual commitment had been an important success factor in order to establish an effective communication and alignment between the project team in Germany and the development team in Vietnam and thereby ensured the delivery of high quality development.”

And last but not least, this would have not been possible, if Axon Active had not set up the new factory team in Vietnam according to the special needs of E.ON Business Service. The introduction of the new offshore development team had been based from the very beginning on a close and trustful cooperation between Axon Active and EBS. However, during the initiation and set-up phase all commercial risks had been taken by Axon Active.

The successful initiation of the Vietnam Development Factory is already used in a couple of follow-up projects (i.e. EBS ASCON, E.ON Nordic NYTTA). Therefore, the Xpert.ivy Orders Management Process has been an important pioneer and milestone for establishing the new delivery model with Axon Active. This off-shore delivery model is and will be the basis for significant cost savings in Xpert.ivy development projects and application support.

All in all this project is a perfect example, how successful projects contribute to achieve our targets of the IT strategy regardinghigher degree of process automation, process simplification by standardization and optimized sourcing models.”

Congratulations to all Axon participating members for the prize and for great work!


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