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[Scrum Breakfast DN] UI/UX Design in Agile process (October 2019)

[Scrum Breakfast DN] UI/UX Design in Agile process (October 2019)

[Scrum Breakfast] UI/UX Design in Agile process

Why do we integrate design into our Agile process?

As we all know, the Agile Manifesto is well-received and successfully adopted as it is today thanks to the 12 underpinning principles. While “good design” is one main reason that “enhances agility”, “Agile processes promote sustainable development”.

At Axon Active, it’s important for us to do everything Agile and work with one another collaboratively in Collaboration Model. It gets people on the same page, makes everyone engage more with the product, encourages them to share more creative ideas, and gives them the flexibility they need to improve themselves.

Indeed, Designers and Developers can collaborate more closely and effectively, and subsequently integrating design into Agile process will yield numerous benefits.

Come and enjoy a useful Saturday morning with us:

  • Topic: UI/UX Design in Agile process

  • Time: 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM | Saturday, October 26th 2019

  • Location: The Books Coffee & Library, 12 Cao Thang St., Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang

What’s special about this October event?

  • How to successfully integrate design into Agile process in practice

  • How different Collaboration Model is from traditional model

  • The benefits of Collaboration Model when done correctly


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