Soreco Payroll
Our client

Soreco is a leading Swiss ERP solutions provider since 1988. Main products include HR Management tools, Financial Controlling tools, Business Process Management Engine and Process related solutions.

Client’s product

Soreco Payroll is a user-friendly, cloud-based, payroll solution for SME of any industry.

  • Solutions tailored to clients’ needs
  • Electronic dispatch (IncaMail) of the payslip
  • Uncomplicated connection to existing systems
  • Safe and legally compliant solution from Switzerland
  • Trusted provider with a wealth of experience
  • Contact person

Based on a simpler software, it’s improved to be able to seamlessly handle a huge amount of employees, support migration by analyzing other systems, multilingual and multi-client capability.

Analyzing various GUIs and client needs from various industries and ERPs, GUIs are standardized based on the user’s industry. Moreover, the GUI is customizable by the user.

User roles to make sure relevant information is locked to relevant people.

Possibility to use additional features and services in the store:

  • Digital assistant
    • Automatic creation of tasks and reminders
    • Easy management of all wage components
  • Employees
    • Clear and efficient employee management
    • Modern user interface for easy management of large employee stocks
    • Can be expanded to include ESS (Employee Self-Service): digital employee access to payslips and other documents
    • Analyze other systems to support migration
  • Subcontracting
    • Automatic historicization of relevant personal and wage data
    • Back calculation of various wage components
    • Extended bookings/ cost information
  • J2EE
  • StimulSoft
  • Axon Ivy
  • PostgreSQL

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